#ExcellenceAwards WBC the “Most International Junior Enterprise”

International Road to Excellence

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) is the first and currently the only JE in the UK operating since 1995 and offering Strategic and Management Consultancy. The team consists of 41 members that speak 29 languages and come from 26 different backgrounds. At JSC18, WBC was awarded the Most International Junior Enterprise of 2018.

WBC has always directed its mind-set towards an international focus, constantly contributing towards the development of the network as well as fostering the international spirit among the members. Hence, our international network consists of some of the strongest Junior Enterprises as well as corporate organisations reaching beyond European borders to the continents such as Africa, Asia and South America. Through our network, we receive a large number of our international project propositions. Over the past year, we have experienced a very impressive growth in terms of revenue by 342%, where 98% was from international projects.

WBC believes that collaboration between JEs and other corporations contributes to the strength of the JE movement. With the initiative of WBC and a tremendous contribution of other 6 JEs, together we have founded ‘J7’ – a union between the leading JEs in Europe. J7 allows a closer collaboration and exchange of the best practices through constant communication and annual conferences hosted by the members.

This year we have implemented a new project acquisition strategy that is highly focused on the international operations. We have prioritised Embassies, NGOs and Corporate organisations based in Europe. By working with embassies, not only do we benefit from indirect project acquisitions, but we also create leads for other JEs by increasing awareness of the movement.

In addition, WBC is determined to establish a JADE UK Confederation. This will significantly increase the awareness of the movement in the UK market, allowing further growth of the network. In that light, we have established a division that solely focuses on enlargement of the movement across the UK. We have also begun to standardize our operations through the implementation of ISO20700, the worldwide recognized quality guidelines.

Finally, with a hope of fostering an international spirit among the network, WBC has launched International Business Games – a case study competition. We have successfully organised 2 rounds of IBG with our partners and received very positive feedbacks. Thence in May, we are launching Third Round of IBG on a global scale involving JEs from every continent in a single tournament consisting of 3 consecutive rounds. This will allow a collaboration and exchange of knowledge on the biggest scale ever seen, contributing to the stronger relationship among the members! JEs from all over the world will have a chance to not only meet virtually but have the chance to work together, learning from each other in a very fun way!


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