Watch IDEAS MATTER interview of Junior Entrepreneurs after a training on intellectual property

“We don’t have much information about intellectual property,” says Vincent Daher, president of the young entrepreneur group JADE Switzerland. “We need to be prepared when we are ready to launch a project to know what legal things to do to protect our ideas. This is very important for the junior enterprise movement.”

Ideas Matter conducted an intellectual property training workshop in Brussels recently at the International Congress of JADE, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, and afterwards spoke to several young entrepreneurs about their perceptions of intellectual property and what they felt students starting in business needed to know.  Our video of their responses can be seen here.

JADE entrepreneurs from France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland talked to Ideas Matter about how they use intellectual property in such areas as the financial and technology sectors, but emphasised that more needs to be done in training business and technology students about IP.

“There is a lot to learn about it,” said Denys Kastelian of BCPro and BDSU in Germany, “because there are different strategies about intellectual property. Most of the time you think it’s not that important, but it really is, and it should be weighted more in the future.”

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Allen Dixon is one of our collaborators, currently Director of IDEAS MATTER, who was also a trainer during JADE Spring Meeting 2015.  His workshop, Using Intellectual Property as Business Assets: The Family Jewels or a Ticking Timebomb? is one of the first of its kind in JADE, as such matters have become increasingly important in a network of student enterprises that face real market challenges every day.


Ideas Matter at JADE 2015 from Ideas Matter on Vimeo.