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UniPartners Wageningen is the only Junior Enterprise in the Netherlands that is specialized in providing consultancy services to companies in the food and agriculture sector. These consultancy services can diverge from IT, Logistics or Strategy. UniPartners Wageningen is one of the youngest Junior Enterprises of the UniPartners network, since it was founded in 2014.

Because of their specialization in the food industry, companies that operate in this field approach them. Van Iperen is one of these companies. They are known as one of the largest suppliers for agriculture and horticulture. They supply fertilizers, plant protection products and packaging in combination with advice.

In this project Van Iperen wanted two student consultants to do a data analysis on data that was gathered from tomato plants. These plants were treated with different biostimulants and Van Iperen wanted to know whether, and to what extent, these different biostimulants influence the flavor of the tomatoes.

Because of the extensive analysis and new insights in the different biostimulants, Van Iperen rated UniPartners Wageningen with an 8 on average.


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