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UniPartners Twente was founded in 1993. This Junior Enterprise is specialized in providing consultancy services by doing market research, but it also provides IT analyses. They believe that when students challenge and develop themselves, they can be of big value.

In the beginning of their board year, they were approached by ‘Bedrijvendagen’, a company which organizes events for the students of their University of Twente. This company works closely with all the Universities in the Netherlands. Over the past couple of years the events of this company became the biggest career events for students in the Netherlands.

Because of all the career events that this company organizes, there was a need for a mobile application to share with their partners and the participating students. In this application the students could register and the partners could take a look at the events and references.

A student consultant made use of Java and Objective-C to develop this application. The application is now being used by at least 1000 students and 200 companies throughout the Netherlands. Because of the influence of this application and the ongoing modifications that this application needs, UniPartners Twente remained in close contact with Bedrijvendagen. This could also result in more projects in the future, to keep innovating the application.

Because of the correct implementation and the added value of the application to the company, the company rated UniPartners Twente with an average 8 for their performance.


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