Become JADE Promoter and #ThinkGlobal

This is the time to show the JE concept to the world. 

The Promotion Program aims to spread the concept of Junior Enterprise to countries it does not exist yet. It was specially designed for Junior Entrepreneurs who are going abroad because of their studies or work.

The program is managed by JADE and the Global Council and is constantly open for applications. Thus, Junior Entrepreneurs who will undergo on an international exchange can enroll at any time of the year to become promoters.

Inspire or be inspired \ You can be the one creating new Junior Enterprises where they do not exist; or you can tell your story, give your testimonial of what does it mean to be Junior Entrepreneur – and inspire others to start their own adventure.

Leave your legacy \ Contribute for a global network, helping us with the enlargement mission. Be part of the success story that is creating a new generation of committed and ambitious leaders: the Junior Enterprise concept.


Find all the details below or contact us if you have any question ([email protected]).

Apply here.

You can apply to become Promoter or just send us the contacts of your friend
The first round of applications ends on the 15th of October

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