JADE – the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises – is an international, non-profit umbrella-organisation of associations across Europe established and managed solely by students. The network is currently composed of 14 National Confederations and Consultative Members (countries in which less than 3 Junior Enterprises are present) from Europe, summing up to circa 300 JE’s. Overall, over 22,000 students are involved in the Junior Enterprise network in Europe. 

Our mission

To be the voice of the European Junior Enterprise Movement, representing, integrating, and supporting the Network, through the spread of the student entrepreneurship.

Our vision

In 2018, the Junior Enterprise concept is recognized at European level, and the JE movement is positioned as the expert network in Europe in student entrepreneurship, ensuring the high quality of the Junior Enterprises and Confederations around the continent.

Our values



We are empowered to try new experiences, take risks and develop consistently. We believe in learning by doing.



We take action, ownership, initiative, and responsibility. We feel accountable for each other in our community.


Our work has high quality standards. We put business first and we listen to understand our clients’ needs.



We foster entrepreneurship attitudes, skills and aspirations. We pursue opportunities even beyond resources currently controlled.


Entrepreneurship is, for us, a path to a better society. Our actions bring positive long term changes for our future and for the environment.


We speak our mind out loud and we embrace difference, change, and the new. We believe innovation is a great way to solve problems.


We believe in international cooperation and using culture to add value to our network. Our network is more powerful if we stay together.

The Global Network

JADE is not the only confederation of Junior Enterprises: around the world over 40 countries have today JEs, and new ones are being created every day. In particular, we have two sister confederations: the biggest is in Brazil, named Brasil Junior, that gathers around 20,000 students in the country; furthermore, JET – Junior Enterprises of Tunisia – and JC3 – the Canadian Confederation of Junior Enterprises – are also our partners in developing the global Junior Enterprise network, with over 40,000 students involved globally in the Junior Enterprise movement. 

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