The Canadian Junior Consulting Confederation: three JEs starting change in North America


The Canadian Junior Consulting Confederation is now live, officially bringing the Junior Enterprise movement to North America.


How it all started.

HEC Montreal’s Management Consulting Club (CCM), founded back in 2006, marked the beginning of Junior Consulting in Canada. Although similar in nature to the Junior Enterprise movement, the CCM was founded with no formal ties to it’s European counterparts, seeing as news of the concept had not yet reached North-America. Since its establishment, the CCM has successfully served over a hundred clients, notably small to medium businesses and non-profits in the Quebec province. Through the group’s professional success, the CCM came to be a well-established institution within HEC, known by students as a privileged path into the consulting industry. Jean-François Charette, a third year business student at HEC, today leads the consultancy.

In 2012, three international students founded Junior Enterprise Desautels at McGill University. Two of them of French origin, Melissa Serfaty and Gabriel Gougaud, had a goal to replicate the JE concept in North America. They were joined in their endeavor by an FGV alumni and former junior entrepreneur from Brazil, Isabelle Almeida.

From the start the three of them reached out to both Brasil Junior and JADE in order to obtain support from both organizations in an aim to expand the JE network to Canada and the US in the long term. The entire JED team: executives as well as consultants and project manager worked on a confederation project for the past two years in order to understand what its potential was in Canada and the US.

The Club de Consultation en Gestion de Polytechnique (CCGP) was created back in January of 2013 by three engineers: Francois Trudeau, Andreanne Leduc and David Charbonneau.
This club, today renown at Poly, was created to connect engineers with business opportunities, by introducing them to the field of consulting and allowing them to gain valuable hands on experience.

Since starting its operations and thanks to the hard work of its members, the CCGP completed more than 20 missions for various private clients and NGOs such as the largest food-banks in Quebec, as well as the largest healthcare network in Montreal. The entity is today lead by Romain Le Duc, original member and a graduating industrial engineer.

Only a few years after their establishment the three entities gained momentum: only a formal introduction was missing to take the junior consulting movement to the next level.
In mid-2014, the Boston Consulting Group, JED partner at the time, gathered HEC and McGill Junior consulting firms as well as the newly founded CCGP at Polytechnique Montreal, an engineering school, in order to provide mutual trainings to the members of the three organizations.
Julie Brummer and Sebastien Rozanes, both alumni from Junior Enterprises, ESSEC and HEC Paris respectively, are at the root of this solid collaboration.

Following the first join training, the presidents of the three organizations realized that a solid cooperation between them was needed in order to empower the junior consulting image in the Canadian market. They thus decided to mutually guarantee high-quality projects to their customers by engaging in the creation of the CJCC.

By witnessing the positive effect that an involvement in a junior consulting firm had on its members the three organizations also had a strong desire to take the concept national.

Six months later, the CJCC is now a reality and hopes to gather at least 10 Canadian JCFs (Junior Consulting Firms) under one roof in a year from now in order to share best practices, promote the concept and empower its members to take further action to impact their communities.

The CJCC launch is already creating the buzz within the Junior Enterprise community around the world with more than 500 likes on its Facebook page in just half a day!