#TakeTheLead \ What’s your next step?

By Giorgio Sleiter, JADE Treasurer



I started off in the Junior Enterprise network in WBC UK as a Junior Consultant, and I could not have even imagined how a 15-minutes presentation of “some business society” in my University would have changed my life. Fast-forward to today, I am now the Treasurer of JADE, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, and half of my term has flown by.

I moved to Brussels on the 3rd of July 2017 and started this amazing journey that, which so far, has been the greatest learning experience of my life. Forget about your age, your degree, your financial status, your social background, here the only one thing that matters is your willingness to pour your heart and soul into something you believe in.
In JADE, there are a lot of challenges daily, but all these challenges are going to be the ones that will make you grow the most. There is significant bureaucracy, which at times can be very frustrating; there are going to be situations in which you have no idea on how to tackle a task you must do, but on the other hand, what do Junior Entrepreneurs do? They find their way out and they deliver. There is an incredible amount of information that you must absorb before you start the term, and trust me, you will feel hopeless at some point. There will be barriers between you and your team, but that is totally normal, you will probably be coming from different countries, with different cultures and different working style, but you will learn to adapt. These, are only some of the challenges you will face in your journey here, embrace them, and find your way out.

If I had to pick one thing I have learnt so far, it would be that complaining about a problem will not benefit anyone, solutions will. This mindset is what is slowly shaping my days, my lifestyle and my overall experience here at JADE.
Apart from giving me a great learning exposure, JADE has also brought me some of the most remarkable moments in my life. Organising an event with policymakers, student NGOs and companies to facilitate the conversation between youth and experienced professionals. Flying to Lisbon and Tallinn to be part of a roundtable discussion beside some of the most influential people in Europe. Speaking in multiple events in front of hundreds of people to present the work we do and how we are innovating higher education daily. These were dreams only one year ago, now, they are a reality.

One of the biggest issues in our generation is that we all want to generate impact, unfortunately, there are not many entry-level positions that allow you to do so. In JADE, you have the possibility to positively impact all the 26’000 Junior Entrepreneurs in Europe while having the greatest learning experience in your life.

Will you take this chance?

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