#TakeTheLead \ Why should you chase chaos in your life?

By Alfonso Catone, JADE Vice President


Chaos, /ˈkeɪɒs/  “The property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.”

In the Greek mythology, Chaos is the first created being who gave origin to the first deities, therefore you can imagine its importance for our ancestors. But why is it so important in our lives?

Try to look back at your past, your last experiences: they appear totally random, don’t they? You went in that bar and you met your girlfriend, boyfriend; you applied for that job, and you met your best friend; you went abroad and found your place.

My experience in the Junior Enterprise network came to me totally unexpected, and those are the best things of your life, usually.

But if my path in the network was not in my plans, being part of the JADE Executive Board was not even in my dreams. I used to live in a small village of 12.000 people, my English was the usual of an Italian guy who studied it during high school and I was very shy.

Even before being in charge, during our handover period, I had to speak (more than once) in front of 250 people at the JADE Summer Conference in Milan. Where was my shyness? How could I be able to do it? Going out of my comfort zone.

Leaving my comfortable, cosy, easy life, just for the sake of a belief: Junior Enterprises have been impacting generations of young people and we need to spread this concept.

If I was finding this crazy when I started this path, it could not make more sense to me now: I have received so much in return. If I had to pick up one amazing experience, I would choose a dinner I was invited to from one of our Partners. Just after a business cocktail, where I could chat with C-level managers, I ended up sitting close to the Chairman of an international company. Some hours after, he became my mentor, the person who is helping me with the decisions related to my business life.

The experience in the JADE ExBo has helped not only my growth but has been shaping my personal network.

And now, I am co-organizing the biggest event in JADE’s history, another challenge ahead.

Junior Enterprises have been improving the quality of education. Junior Enterprises have been helping the growth of businesses. Junior Enterprises have been shaping our society. And this network now needs you to #TakeTheLead and bring it to new heights.


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