#TakeTheLead \ JADE, a school for business leaders

By Adrien Lepic, JADE Secretary General



One year ago, I was about to take a life-changing decision, back in time I didn’t have clue of how much it
would change me and what a great experience it would have been.

After more than 3 years in the JE movement, I was sure that the JADE experience would be very
interesting, but I was seeing a sort of continuity between the JE level and this new position. It took only a
few months to prove me wrong.

1\ Learning by doing at European Level.

The JADE Executive Board has thousands of challenges to face. Let’s start with the most practical one:
First day in office the four members of the ExBo have a huge to-do list and a blank agenda, so they
must experiment to find the best routine to work efficiently together. After 7 months on board, we
found a very productive routine and I know that when I will launch my first business I will know exactly
how to get the best out of everyone.

The ExBo has few months to understand a heterogeneous network. Each country has its specific needs,
especially in term of governance, and the Executive Board has the duty of knowing them thoroughly to
understand and communicate successfully with the General Assembly. Thus, constantly developing their
listening and understanding skills: a key asset for their future.

2\ The JADE way: discover yourself

JADE experience is all about learning especially about oneself. Nowadays, very few managers know
exactly what skills they are bringing to the team and what do they need from colleagues, which often can
lead to frustration.

The multiculturalism of the JADE team is a very powerful tool, it helps oneself to understand its own
skills portfolio without any cultural bias. Moreover, JADE has a very developed feedback culture allowing
every member of the JADE Team to improve its performance and to get to know him or herself.


3\ JADE touch

Finally, JADE ExBo lives a unique experience in the middle of an entrepreneurial, international mindset
and a strong relationship with the European policymakers. Our Headquarters, also known as the “JADE
House”, are in Brussels and usually hosts an average of 7 people coming from 5 countries living and
working together daily. It is sometimes difficult to live and work with the same people, but most of the
time, it is amazing to create relationships based on this very large spectrum of challenges to face.

The JADE House is in Brussels for a specific reason: being close to the European institutions. This has
surely a positive impact as JADE expertise about entrepreneurship is often required, and consequently,
JADE executive board represents the network and defend its interest in front of European policymakers
in important events mostly in Brussels. Opportunities like the latter, are powerful occasions for the
Executive Board to get out of their comfort zone and to expand their personal network.

Working for level JADE is a completely new dimension to the JE experience. You will work on very new
project with a European impact and JADE will be your new place for learning, working and developing
meaningful relationships.

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