#TakeTheLead – Apply for JADE ExBo 2020

Hey, you!
Let me tell you something, I promise I won’t be long.

Three years ago I decided to join my Junior Enterprise and since that exact moment, my life has completely changed.

I have learned many new things and I have always worked on what I love the most. On top of that, I have travelled all over Europe and took part in amazing international events where I had the pleasure to listen and meet with top companies. Although, exactly one year ago I would have never imagined that a year after I would be here writing about how great and on how proud I am of having applied for JADE ExBo. I must admit that it is a crazy daily adventure made of great challenges, thousands of laughs at JADE House and tons of moments that I’ll never forget. Moreover, applying for JADE has given me so much in terms of both knowledge and friendship. For instance today, I live in Brussels with people coming from different countries. The same people a few months ago were just perfect strangers, now they are my greatest support and my best buddies.

No matter how much I would want my JADE year to never end, now it’s our turn to find who is willing to take the lead of this great Network and to live the best year of his/her life. Are you the one?

I would strongly advise you to spend 5 to 10 minutes of your time to read this brochure. You can find very different types of information such as general ones on JADE but also and mainly on JADE functions & the Selection Process. Well, now it’s up to you, either you close this page and go back to your life or you decide to give it a look and who knows what will happen after. If you wish to receive further information don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] – Don’t forget that you have time until March 15th (23:59 Brussels time) to apply here!

Best of luck & hope to meet you soon,

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