Summer JADE Meeting 2013 – Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Summer JADE Meeting 2013 JADE and JEME Bocconi Studenti had the pleasure of organising Summer JADE Meeting 2013, one of the biggest international events of the European Network of Junior Enterprises. Between the 18th and 22nd of July, 205 Junior Entrepreneurs discussed about Entrepreneurship Education in Universities and the next 25 years in this direction.

What do Junior Entrepreneurs do during summer holiday? That’s right; they go to the Summer JADE Meeting! This year, the enthusiastic young people gathered in Milan, Italy to live the full experience of being part of the Junior Enterprise movement, acquire new skills, exchange practices and develop professionally, as well as personally. They explored the future of entrepreneurship in higher education and tried to figure out how they can play their part in it.
Hosted by Bocconi University, the Opening Ceremony had two main points, for which the participation of the partners was priceless. The first part, called “The next 25 years” was vividly held by the representatives of Google, Ms. Helene McArdle, and European Investment Bank, Mr. Guido Bichisao, who offered their perspectives on what lies ahead. Then, the attention was taken by Bocconi’s professors and young successful entrepreneurs, who, through their speeches, offered a clear view on “Entrepreneurship Education in Universities”. They answered to burning questions for the Junior Entrepreneurs with regard to entrepreneurship courses in universities or the challenges faced in their absence.

Other learning opportunities were provided through various activities scheduled during the meeting. Maybe the most challenging one was offered by The Boston Consulting Group, one of the largest management consulting private companies in the world, who invited the young professionals to deal with a consulting case in their Business Competition. International teams worked together to analyse and redesign the strategy of a company, followed by a presentation of their insights for BCG representatives. Through this, everybody got the beautiful change of acting like a consultant and facing all the possible issues that come along.

Also, the organisers scheduled a series of workshops, through which insights from companies and entrepreneurs were shared and discussed. “Creativity: tips on innovation” and “Online Advertising through AdWords” were under Google’s supervision, and the solution to youth unemployment was a hot topic for the attendants of the “Job 2.0 for generation jobless. What to do to find your way” or “Useful tips to prepare for a job interview”. Curiosity was satisfied for the management and business administration students, who had a broad variety of choices, like “Strategic Planning for a Junior Enterprise”, “Lean Business Planning”, “ Lean in Finance” or “Corporate reputation”. Of course, for the most courageous ones, the change could come with a green start-up revolution, which was explored in the workshop offered by LifeGate.

It might seem that there was hardly time to do anything else, but our Junior Entrepreneurs also took the time to congratulate JEME Bocconi on their 25th anniversary. Finally, JADE network and the Junior Enterprise movement checked another successful event, where passion and work came together. The sunny Italy was, in this case, the place where JADE set the sails for “The next best 25 years”.