Success Stories: Inspiring the next generation of Junior Entrepreneurs

We have launched the 2017 Success Stories booklet. It aims to inspire the next generation of Junior Entrepreneurs – the leaders of tomorrow -, by showcasing successful alumni from the Junior Enterprise network. In the booklet, the alumni share the lessons learned while working in their Junior Enterprises and their impact on today’s businesses. They all had the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset through their experiences in the movement – which was key to advance their careers as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is not only a set of skills but a spirit that enables you to turn ideas into actions. It is with those skills and this spirit that the JADE junior entrepreneurs can truly have an impact on society and co-create the future.
The following success stories are designed to inspire and provide life lessons and are a gift to the network from the alumni.

Get inspired and focus your energy on achieving new heights: build your own success story and leave your mark in our movement. Check it here.