Success Stories – Let’s meet Nicolas Jacques and Valentin Pichard!


Name: Nicolas Jacques and Valentin Pichard.

JE: GEM Entreprendre

Country: France






What is your role/job in the company?

Valentin and I are both cofounders of Naker, Valentin is more on the technical part and I am more on the business part.


Describe you company

When is the last time you had a different experience on the web? Templatization contributed to make the web cool, but to stand out has become more and more difficult, all the websites feel similar. To make the web cool again, we democratize the creation of 3D experiences called intales (interactive digital tales) through a 3D web/VR editor only based on drag-and-drop and 3D templates. It allows any organization to create engaging storytelling experience for their audience.

How did you reach your goal? Tell us about your journey 

Valentin and I, we were in the same business school, in Grenoble (GGSB). We first met thanks to the Junior Enterprise, and we instantly matched, it’s first a friendship story, we were even flatmates for some time!

Valentin was the CTO of the JE and I was the CMO. After our experience in the JE, Valentin created a first company,, and that’s where he learned to code. It is about big data and housing. Meanwhile, during his free-time he created, a 3D strategy videogame, that’s where he realised how amazing 3D was for the web but how difficult it was to play with it.

During this time, I joined Salesforce, a big IT company, leader of the CRM market, where I learned a lot about business development, sales and closing. And in march 2018, Valentin came to me to talk about his new project. I did not hesitate one second!

 What challenges have you faced during your journey? What did you learn from them?

I think the first challenges we both experiences were in the JE. We both come from non-business families, and the JE was a first real experience for us. The     year before us did not end perfectly, and we had to cope with a lack of business for several months. It was a challenging year for our JE, and we learned to face  that challenges as a team, because it was hard for everybody.

The major challenge Valentin faced was when he decided to create a videogame during his free time. The game was supposed to be only in 2D at the  beginning, but he quickly realized the potential of 3D. But for someone who learned to code only by himself, 3D development was hard, but with sacrifices,  effort and a bit of craziness, it’s possible.

The major challenge I faced was during my experience at Salesforce. I was working on startups, especially in the fintech industry for a year, and I was very  good at it, I loved my job. At some point, I had to get promoted, and work for bigger accounts, and I didn’t want that, but it was the path. So I got promoted,  but I wasn’t enjoying. I started to realise thanks to my manager that I wasn’t enjoying because I decided unconsciously not to enjoy. I learned that along the way, there are always two faces of a coin, and staying positive is key. I decided to move along and launch a company with my friend, so choose your own path!


 What skills did you gain thanks to your experience as a Junior Entrepreneur?

 How did it help in your professional career?

 I think the major skill we learned in a JE is to gain maturity and experience, and it was a crucial advantage to find our first  jobs. Managing a JE is a very entrepreneurial experience, and we now realize that it’s not far away from the reality of a startup.



How did being a Junior Entrepreneur impact you as a professional today?

Having responsibilities, taking calculated risks, convincing prospects, managing people… in one year you can gain an experience that some people will never have in a lifetime! It will give you the confidence you need to follow your projects.


An advice you would like to give to Junior Entrepreneurs:

If you decided to dedicated some time during your study to be in a JE, and if you like the experience, you are already ready for an entrepreneurial experience. And creating a startup is definitely an entrepreneurial experience, but you can and you should be an entrepreneur in any of your future job. Challenge the existing, try, fail, try again, be innovative and you will succeed.