Success Stories – Let’s meet Mario Tarouca!



  Name: Mário Tarouca


  Country: Portugal






What is your role/job in the company?

I am the Founder and CEO of Breadfast.


Describe you company/Institution/other

What if you could wake up in your apartment and receive a typical breakfast without even leaving the house? That’s exactly what Breadfast offers: fresh breakfast menus, prepared every morning and delivered right at your doorstep.


How did you reach your goal? Tell us about your journey 

I was born in Covilhã, a small city in the countryside of sunny Portugal. Since I was young I was part of several organisations. At 18, I went to Coimbra to study Business. There, I got to know JEEFEUC (Business Junior Enterprise). Later I became President and, then, Treasurer of JADE (2014-15). When I return to Portugal I worked at 2 startups (doing Sales and Marketing). While doing that, I started to manage Airbnb apartments, in Lisbon. This was where Breadfast idea came from, because my guests were always asking me for breakfast. Eventually, in the summer of 2017, I decided to dedicate full-time to Breadfast and start my own startup.


What challenges have you faced during your journey? What did you learn from them?

My main challenge as an entrepreneur was the fact that I started Breadfast by my own. I overcame it by putting a lot of effort in HR and finding the best team ever and by asking advice to experienced people from different areas, basically I created a group of mentors to whom I can reach any moment for support.


What skills did you gain thanks to your experience as a Junior Entrepreneur? How did it help in your professional career?

By being part of my Junior Enterprise made me learn a lot of skills that are not thought within a classroom. Such as managing a 40-people team, negotiating with (potential) clients, but mainly, made me learn how to manage my time wisely in a way I could work on the JE, go out with my friends and graduate within 3 years.


How did being a Junior Entrepreneur impact you as a professional today?

Both JEEFEUC and JADE and a huge impact on my professional and personal life. Thanks to all the years I invested in the movement, I feel more confident, know how to speak in public, I’m not afraid of getting NOs and continue hustling. Besides this, I had the opportunity to make friendships with awesome people from all over the world.


An advice you would like to give to Junior Entrepreneurs:

One of my rules in life is that “Done is Better than Perfect”. I always create something simple and quick, than present it to my client, get feedback and iterate it. Then present a 2.0 version and repeat the process. Everyone has limited resources, you should focus on your important and urgent tasks. If not important and urgent, don’t do it. Remember, you just need 2 things to create a winning product/service: Validation and Focus.