Ready to shape the future of work? ‘CEO for One Month’ is back on 5th February!

They say that some of the greatest opportunities only show up once in a lifetime, but the Adecco Group’s ‘CEO for One Month’ program returns, for the sixth year in a row, to offer you the definitive leap that your career needs. Become the Adecco Group’s next Global CEO at a large multinational for a month alongside Alain Dehaze, CEO of the Adecco Group.


How does ‘CEO for One Month’ work?

Phase 1: 5th February – Candidatures open. You are just one step away from getting the work experience that could change your life. We closed the 2018 edition after a huge success: more than 200,000 talented young people signed up for ‘CEO for One Month’! If you didn’t make it last year, this time could be for you. We wish you all the best!

Phase 2: Selection and announcement of the Country ‘CEO for One Month’ from each of the 47 participating countries. From all applications, the Adecco Group will choose 47 young talents. They will become the ‘CEO for One Month’ within their respective country. This is where you make the most of learning with colleagues, leaders and demonstrate this in the next stage: The Global Bootcamp. So, take advantage of this experience!

Phase 3: Bootcamp! Only 10 candidates will be chosen to participate for a week at this Global Bootcamp which, in the last edition, was held in London. During this week, you must demonstrate more than ever your leadership and communication skills and your ease when working as a team.

Phase 4: Global ‘CEO for One Month’ announced. At the end of the Global Bootcamp, we will announce the 2019 Global ‘CEO for One Month’. Will it be you?


If you love challenges and think you would benefit from an amazing work experience, the ‘CEO for One Month’ program is tailor-made for you. At the Adecco Group, you will learn to manage a large company, in real time and with tangible cases, and you will be immersed in a dynamic environment with enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and camaraderie at the heart of everything we do. In the words of Lisa Frommhold, Global ‘CEO for One Month’ 2018:

“I realize that the most important thing I will take with me are the values: confidence to go far, to be in charge and lead with responsibility; discipline and hard work to keep moving forward and, above all, team spirit: to be united and to look after each other “.

We understand the difficulty many young people face when it comes to finding a job, and the high expectations of employers when it comes to candidate work experience. The Adecco Group’s ‘CEO for One Month’ program is a great opportunity to boost your professional career. Ready to shake the future of work? We know you have a lot to offer and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us, almost as much as we are looking forward to bringing you on board. So, click here to get all the information you need to join the program. We will be ready on 5th February 2019. Save the date!