#Opportunities \ Global Council – Exchange Program


In 2016 Brasil Júnior and the Junior Enterprise Global Council executed the first prototype of what would come to be the Exchange Program of the global Junior Enterprise network.

Adrian Schmidt from Janus Consultants in Germany and Elise Auvray from SEPEFREI Junior-Entreprise in France were two hosts from the last edition. Their JEs, well connected members of their networks, didn’t miss the opportunity to participate.

Here’s what they have to say about this experience:

“Immediately we understood each other well and the first conversations about the country, people and the different cultures were held. […] At the individual department meetings, the characteristics of a German JE could be shown and improved with the help of Brazilian methods. But also Karol got good ideas for her JE. Last but not least, we have made new friends in this way. That’s another reason why I can hardly wait for a return visit to Brasilia.” – Adrian

“This experience was wonderful in so many ways, we will all keep good memories. Being able to exchange about the similarities and differences that characterize our JEs was a unique and precious moment. Learning how Brazilian JEs work was truly meaningful for all SEPEFREI members and the open mind of our Brazilians homologues was a major point of this experience.” – Elise

The next edition of the program is set to happen between June and August of this year and is open to hosts and travellers of all countries.

As you can see, the exchange program is truly an unmissable opportunity that is made available to you by the JE network.


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