#OurBrigthFuture \ Defining a network strategy

In any organisation, it is crucial to have a strategy defined to ensure good performance while enhancing its growth and guaranteeing its sustainability. As you may know, JADE follows 3-years strategic cycles since 2009 and in this term, the third strategic cycle will come to an end. This means that a new 3-year strategic cycle must be defined and implemented right after this term. However, this new strategic cycle has something different, a network strategy.


Why is JADE defining a network strategy?

How can we maximize the results of our network – 14 countries, 300 Junior Enterprises and 26.000 Junior Entrepreneurs? How can we ensure a sustainable growth?

25 years after the first Junior Enterprise was founded, 6 Confederations realised it was time to create a European structure to develop and enlarge the network. JADE was, therefore, founded in 1992. Now, after 25 years of JADE, having 11 Confederations and 3 Consultative Members, we realised that defining a strategy only for JADE (organizational strategy) is not enough to foster the growth we all have desired. We believe that if we define common goals and KPIs – to be achieved by each one of the JADE members – we will be growing at a much faster rate and accomplish a more assertive development of the European network.

That is the definition of network strategy: a plan (a very clear and simple one) that will shape the future of the entire network – Confederations and Junior Enterprises -, committing them towards shared goals and convictions; a single direction to a brighter future. What is the Junior Enterprise of the future? What is the role of the Confederations? What do we want to have accomplished by 2021? – these are some of the questions the network strategy should answer.


Who is taking part in the process?

JADE stakeholders are being consulted to discuss the next steps for JADE and for the European Junior Enterprise movement. Confederations, Junior Enterprises/Junior Entrepreneurs, alumni, companies, public institutions/European institutions, JADE Advisory Board… everyone has a word to say and a contribution to give.


How can I be part of the process?

Several initiatives will be promoted by JADE and by the Confederation to hear from Junior Enterprises/Junior Entrepreneurs. Surveys, focus groups, presentations and debates are being prepared during the national and international events. More information will be released soon: stay tuned!

Take your time to reflect what you would like to accomplish in the future. Think about what are our main priorities as a network, what we should keep and what we should improve. Your opinion is crucial to us, make sure you raise your voice! We count on you to help us define the strategy for #OurBrightFuture.



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