#MeetThePartners \ 5 Years of Success: ‘CEO for One Month’ Programme

Get to know more about ‘CEO for One Month’

The Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ is just around the corner and this exciting milestone marks the 5th year of the programme. Since ‘CEO for One Month’ started in 2014 we have come a long way and we’ve seen five extremely talented individuals take on the role as Global ‘CEO for One Month’ under the direct supervision of Adecco Global CEO Alain Dehaze.

Bootcamp finalists have taken on challenges all over the world in the Bootcamp stage of the competition. The first Bootcamp in 2014 saw them battle it out at the Adecco Group headquarters in Switzerland, then in 2015 we took our ‘CEO for One Month’ finalists to sunny Madrid. The next year we changed things up and Bootcamp was split in two parts. Ten finalists were chosen to travel to Amsterdam and prove their CEO attitude, we then picked 5 exceptional finalists to go to the last stage in Tokyo. Most recently the Bootcamp was held in Paris where Ed Broadhead from the UK was chosen as Global ‘CEO for One Month’.

This year, we’re heading to London with our finalists to really push them to show their CEO attitude and prove they have what it takes to lead an international Fortune 500 company. Where better to prove your CEO attitude than a city home to some of the world’s biggest businesses?

Since ‘CEO for One Month’ started in 2014, registrations have increased from 18,000 to 117,772 last year. The success of this programme is a testament to the incredible work experience it offers candidates. What’s more, thanks to our Internship Opportunities programme, we have also allocated over 20,000 internships and apprenticeships in the last 5 years.

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