#MeetThePartners Bootcamp 2018: ‘CEO for One Month’ Programme

Get Ready for Bootcamp 2018

With participant selection for the Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ just around the corner, it won’t be long until we see our 47 country CEOs stepping into the shoes of the Adecco Group leaders, learning firsthand what it takes to run an international company. But that’s just the first step.

The 10 country CEOs who impress the most will be selected to travel to London and participate in this year’s Bootcamp. They will spend 3 days in one of the most important business centers of the world, taking on a variety of challenges and proving their CEO attitude. The most impressive candidate will be selected as the Adecco Group Global ‘CEO for One Month’ and get the chance to experience working as the head of a multinational Fortune 500 company. They will be mentored by Global CEO Alain Dehaze and earn an impressive salary of €15,000 for their hard work.

Bootcamp will take place on September with the finalist announced on the last day. If you want to be in UK for Bootcamp, now is the time to apply for ‘CEO for One Month’ and you could be one of the 10 finalists. Don’t miss this opportunity for an incredible work experience and apply now!