#GetOnStage \ WTT: Take a success story and let it grow

From JADE Italia and JEToP


Organizing and launching an innovative event for the first time is certainly a big challenge. But what if you want to repeat such a successful experience? It could be even more challenging due to greater goals to achieve, but also greater expectations from your stakeholders. It is not the first time this event represents the potential and excellence of the Italian network of Junior Enterprises. But a project can be considered a real success story only if it never stops challenging your comfort zone. This is why we want to go through the second edition of one of our most entrepreneurial projects.

What is WTT? This acronym stands for Wearable Tech Torino. It is the first consumer-based fair completely addressed to Wearable Technologies, held in Turin at Lingotto Fiere, Padillon 1, on 18th and 19th November 2016. The second edition of WTT, as well as the first one, was entirely organized by JEToP, the Junior Enterprise of Polytechnic University of Turin, and it recorded more than 7500 visitors. Professionals from ICT sector, who work for internationally lauded companies, have taken part in the event. The fair was made up of different stands for general information and audience entertainment, with devices to be tested and many theme-based Talks and Workshops.

JEToP decided to put forward many exclusive Talks and Workshops aimed to students, with some interesting and useful speeches. The Talks are speeches from ICT specialists working in important companies such as Ebay, Oracle and Microsoft.

Moreover, the Junior Enterprise worked on another type of entertainment, by proposing to the audience a direct interaction with technological devices: our division IT Content Dev and Innovation Marketing have proposed four stands.

Portal Glove is a glove increased with sensors and electronic devices which are able to measure the penchant of the wrist and to receive an input from an analogue switch and a capacitive sensor, the whole thing to control the direction and the inside movement of some games, by improving the interaction. Instead Mind Wave, a brain waves sensor, was used for controlling the speed of a fan, by raising a Styrofoam cube: it was revealed an amazing device in order to measure approximately the level of concentration. were the visors VR: in the first case the visors were used with suggestive apps for smartphones, and for the second case, named drone vision, the visors were connected to a drone fitted with a webcam.

What really changed during this second edition was the visibility and impact of the event itself.

The Wearable Tech Torino was reported in various newspapers and blogs, the main Italian newspapers, like La Stampa and La Repubblica, to all littles local newspapers. RAI TG3 and RAI News 24 have made a footage about the main attractions of WTT 2016. Through the feedback of the visitors, of students, of the press and of exhibitors, it could be said that Turin is both a city that turns to an advancement in technology and its population showed a huge interest in technological innovation.



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