Meet the new Brazilian Ambassadors for JADE



The cooperation agreement between JADE and Brasil Junior, signed for the first time in 2008, is ensuring that the two most powerful networks of Junior Enterprises in the world keep working towards alignment and the greater scope of enlarging globally through the concept of Junior Enterprise. Every semester JADE House hosts two or three Brazilian Ambassadors who work in the same space with JADE Team, share all the great moments and also help with the European projects when needed. For this semester, we give a warm welcome to Daniela Goldman (ECONOMICA) and Pedro Vargas (SEC Jr. Consulting), and we wanted to give you an insight about them and their stay in Europe for the following months:

Who are you?

Pedro: I’m Pedro Vargas, a 21 year old brazilian student. I was born in a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro but I studied in the state of Minas Gerais, in the Federal University of Viçosa, which introduced be to my Junior Enterprise, SEC Jr. Consulting, to my Center of JEs, CEEMPRE, to my Federation, FEJEMG, and to my Confederation, Brasil Júnior.

I had the pleasure to work for the development of all of this organizations leading or being led by amazing people.

I’m those guys that always wanted to go abroad and now are living what one day was just an opportunity! Europe and JADE, here I go!

Daniela: My name is Daniela Goldman and I am one of the new Brazilian Ambassadors. I am twenty years old and I study Economics in UNICAMP (one of the three biggest public universities in São Paulo state).  I entered in the Junior Enterprise Movement in February 2013 as a Project Trainee and in July of that same year I began to work was Project Manager of my JE (ECONOMICA). In the end of 2013, I became Project Director of ECONOMICA and in june 2014, I began to work as a Remote Brazilian Ambassador.

What are you going to do in Brussels this year?


When I came to Brussels I had the intention to work and also to be always a tourist. Imagine a Brazilian in a city with snow?! It must be awesome anyway! Besides this I want to discover the capital of tne European Union and live this experience in the best way.

Talking about my work in JADE, as a Senior Project Manager I’ll be responsible for the pillar of Alignment of the Network, aiming to improve the Global Forum of Junior Enterprises and its follow-ups and the Confederations Development Program, besides other initiatives.


This semester, I will work with Global Public Affairs as a Senior Project Manager in JADE. My main tasks are the CENSUS, JEWD and having contact with some global organizations as UNIDO and OECD. CENSUS is a project which aims at collecting data from the whole Junior Enterprise movement to elaborate a report that can give us an overview of the characteristics of our Junior Enterprises and consequentially allow JADE to lobby more efficiently and have more information about its network. The Junior Enterprise Worldwide Day is an initiative where we established a global day for Junior Entrepreneurs, we wanted to remind them and make them feel like they’re part of a global network. About the global institutions, at the moment we still don’t have any kind of projects with them, but we are trying to keep on this relation.

What JADE and Brasil Júnior have in common and why are this organizations so great?


First of all, there are so many differences between both Confederations. When I arrived in JADE House I had so many stereotypes changed. The system isn’t the same, the ExBo has differents work scopes and Brussels is very different from Rio! But after some days I realized that in the background is all the same. And why? Both organizations have great people working for a common objective: the global recognition of the Junior Enterprise concept. If we have a purpose to work and to live for everything gets easier to achieve what we wanted. And if we have responsible people doing that, there’s no way besides success.


The Brazilian Ambassador’s Program is part of an agreement of cooperation between Brasil Júnior and JADE, both of these confederations believe in the strength of the Junior Enterprise movement and believe that together we can make the difference.

What’s your message for the Junior Enterprises in Europe?


When I joined my JE team I was presented to a global network and it shined my eyes. I lived this experience for four years in the Junior Enterprise Movement and in this 5th year I want to do my best to understand different points of view and to find ways to connect them to have a stronger Network!


I hope 2015 will be the year that we will be able to continue treading this amazing path together! That we make 2015 a year each time more special for our movement and our global recognition!