Meet the JSC17 Staff!

The JADE Spring Conference is the biggest international Junior Enterprise Event in Europe in 2017 & stands for the celebration of 25 years JADE and 50 years Junior Enterprises!

If you want to organize such a great event, you’ll need to recruit a great team. The staff are the most important people to make sure that the event will be a success. Once again this year, we have launched a call for Junior Entrepreneurs to help us in the organization of JADE Spring Conference.Get to know the event staff that is here to make JSC 2017 unforgettable!

Get to know the event staff that is here to make JSC 2017 unforgettable!

Amal Chamakh – Centrale Lille Projets

I am Amal Chamakh from Centrale Lille Projets. I have been involved for more than a year in the movement of Junior Enterprises and I still learn about it every day. The Junior Enterprise experience is one of the most enriching adventures and it gave me the chance to acquire new skills such as management and communication skills. In addition, I want to know more about the Junior Enterprises network and meet people with whom I can share the same passion. This is one of the main reasons that encouraged me to join the JSC team. I am impatient to meet the Junior Entrepreneurs from all over the world and to share with them every moment of this special edition of JSC.



Catarina Martins – Lisbon PH Junior Enterprise

I’m Catarina Martins and I’m a 20-year-old Pharmaceutical Sciences Student at Faculty of Pharmacy from University of Lisbon. I’m from a little Island in Portugal called Madeira, and currently I’m a member of the Innovation and Scientific Department of Lisbon PH Junior Enterprise. I’m an enthusiast girl who loves to meet new people and wants to embrace every opportunity. I entered the entrepreneur world very recently since my course has nothing to do with it. In fact, the main reason I have applied to be Staff of the JADE Spring Conference was to learn more about this topic that over time has made me more interested. Making part of this event will be a great challenge and a great experience, not only for all the different people I’ll meet but also, because of all the things I’ll learn, which makes me super motivated!


 Chiara Gianusso –  Junior Enterprise Brighton

Currently studying Marketing with Business at the University of Brighton, the UK, I have been part of the Brighton Junior Enterprise since October 2015 – this year I had the great opportunity to be the President of the JE and taking part to many marketing related activities. I am really looking forward to put my skills at the disposal of the JSC team and contribute to this great event. It is exciting to participate in the JADE SPRING CONFERENCE this year, especially for the 25th Anniversary!




David Gomes – ISCTE Junior Consulting

Hello! My name is David Gomes, I am 20 years old and I am in the second year of the bachelor’s degree in Management. I am a Management and Strategy consultant at ISCTE Junior Consulting (Portugal), I’ve been in this JE since February of 2016, and it has been an amazing experience, both personally and professionally. I feel like I’ve developed a lot of soft skills like communication, leadership, responsibility, time management, organization, and many others. Besides that, I have made amazing friends and met amazing people, whom inspire me everyday. JADE Spring Conference is providing me the opportunity to work in a team with different backgrounds and different perspectives, along with the fact that I will learn a lot, for sure. A curiosity about this adventure is: this is the first time I am making a trip by plane, so I’m really excited!! I’m sure it is going to be an amazing experience. Can’t wait to arrive!


Guillaume Ménard – Centrale Nantes Études

My name is Guillaume Ménard, I’m 22 years old and I come from Nantes, in France. I was during almost 2 years as CIO in my Junior Enterprise, Centrale Nantes Études. Because I’ve been falling in love in the Junior Enterprise Concept, I decided to help the Junior Enterprise at a bigger scale. So, in September this year, I applied to be a JADE IT Project Manager, and I help the team to work on the JSC.




Henri-Joseph Mouchati – APLICAEN

Hello! My name is Henri-Joseph Mouchati, I was born in Paris and lived there until my high school. Today, I study at the National Graduated School of Engineering of Caen (ENSICAEN). At the beginning of my first year, I’ve discovered APLICAEN, the JE of my school. I decided to apply and I was accepted. Eventually, I became president of the JE. Now i prepare myself to let the lead to the new team, but my JE experience was something that I was very glad to live. I’ve worked with a wonderful team, developed various skills that I couldn’t learn in my school. But on top of that, I’ve met a lot of very interesting people! Today, I work with JADE for the JSC. As my term in APLICAEN came to an end, I felt the desire of working for something greater and I always thought that EU is very important for every country in Europe. That’s the reasons why I applied in December and I had the chance of being accepted and work for the organization of this important event!


Simone Rosa – JEToP

I’m Simone from the JSC team. After starting University, I was overwhelmed by emails from all the student associations. Among those, the one that impressed me was the one from JEToP. At that time, I couldn’t imagine how deeply that email would change my life! I learned to work in a team of 70 people and what being a young entrepreneur means. I was able to find my way and now, by joining the staff of the JADE Spring Conference, I wish to meet people from all over Europe to expand my network while at the same time improving even more as a person and as an entrepreneur. I’m sure that everything I’ll learn by this experience, will turn out to be extremely useful in my future working life.


Rachid Laroussi El Alami – Junior Business Consulting

Hello! My name is Rachid and I’m from Morocco, Tangier. One of my greatest accomplishment was taking the decision to create a Junior Enterprise in my university and being part of a Worldwide Movement. This positiveexperience gives me the opportunity to develop both my hard and soft skills and to be in contact already with entrepreneurs, companies and fellow student. I believe that the only way to understand something is to experience it yourself. The JSC is a fantastic way to fully understand the JE values, ambitions and aspirations. I also expect to meet a part of the JADE team and some talented students all around the world, which will be good for me to develop my professional and personal network.




Gianmaria Zoino – JEBS

Gianmaria Zoino I’m 24, Italian student in Business Economics and I’m President of JEBS, the only southern Italy JE. In JE network since 2013, I have been involved in 10 national and international meetings, that gave me the opportunity to know deeply this network and above all the differences that characterize the various confederations. I think the best way to grow today is to increase knowledge through sharing of ideas and vision with other people, looking at things from another point of view. This network gives you the opportunity to share your experience with others who have your same interests and maybe same ambitions. The JE network gave me a lot, so I wanted to return back, by working for the event that represent the 50th anniversary of the first JE and the 25th of JADE, a very important milestone for JE movement.



Inês Monteiro – ISCTE Junior Consulting

Hello! My name is Inês Monteiro and I’m 20 years old from Portugal. I am Marketing Consultant at ISCTE Junior Consulting.  Joining my JE allowed me to realize what it’s like to work in a professional environment and to develop both soft and technical skills. I can describe myself as a dynamic and really easy-going person, always trying to find new things to do in life. So, in a result of my personality and after realizing that being part of WebSummit Staff was a huge mark for me, this event will be the perfect step for me to grow as a person.





Louis Schiemann – Janus Consultants

Since 2015 I know there is more than studying. Facing new challenges, growing in tasks, and working in a team of fully motivated students at one goal makes for me the idea and practice of the JE so unique. Being part of the international JSC team is an exciting task. I am looking forward to working with students from different countries, learning from each other and passing on the spirit of the JE to other students. The anniversary congress will hopefully be unforgettable for all participants and also for the team.





Simone Lazafame – J.E.T.o.P.

I’m Simone and i’m 23, italian student in Computer Engineering.
In the years I’ve been working with JEToP, I quickly realized that the Junior Enterprise’s movement is the right environment for
me to enrich my professional skills and help me in my prospective career, for it gives me the possibility to both put in practice what I study and complement what my academic courses offer.
I’m quite the multitasking type: in my job I love to bring together different subjects and ideas, thus making the most out of my past experience and giving more color to the end result. It’s hard, but not impossible.


Oriana Chacon Abreu – LSM Conseil

I joined the JE movement in Belgium to be fully able to experience my studies outside the theoretical part. It’s been one of the most enriching opportunities I’ve had so far, and it sure has helped boost my skills enormously.





Silvia Meterc – J.E.To.P

Hello, I’m Silvia, I study architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin and I’m part of J.E.To.P. Thanks to the technical knowledge that I have acquired during my studies and due to my passion for visual arts I can pursue projects with responsibility, in a creative way and always careful to the innovations. I work in the de sign area of my junior enterprise from one year during which I learned many new things and met very interesting people. I think that the meetings are a great opportunity to expand our networks and participate in the organization of one of them a great personal challenge! I hope to do a good job during the JSC with my fellow adventurers!





Tarek El Abedel  – Solvay Consulting Club

My name is Tarek, born and raised in Brussels, the heart of Europe. I’m currently a Engineering Project Manager at the Solvay Student Consulting Club in Brussels. I joined the SCC to learn more about the business world and to get out of my comfort zone and I’m loving it!
I would describe myself as a very extroverted and outgoing person. I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and being part of the JADE Staff was the most obvious choice to learn more about it and being in contact with so many Junior Entrepreneurs! I can’t wait to meet all of you during the Spring Conference!