Management teams to rotate across the Network

The 2012 page is turned or is about to be. Most of the National Confederations are either in their election or handover process for the new Boards to take over 2013 mandates.

Whether 2012 was a challenging year for some, or a great success for others, the handover period is always a critical moment. Passing on accumulated knowledge, preventing the “reinvention of the wheel”, ensuring the continuation of the established strategy while grasping the global objectives of the network, as well as matching the right human resources with the right positions are challenges that lie ahead of the new Boards to take over.

International managers also share their deal of great responsibilities. Along with the requirement of a deep understanding of the network and the relations between member countries and JADE, they represent their respective countries internationally during general assemblies and are the main contact within confederations regarding cooperation, projects and much more

  • Here is the updated list of the International Managers of the Network :
  • BDSU (Germany): Fabian Qetaj
  • CEJE (Spain): Jon Garay
  • CNJE (France): Marc Chamly
  • JADE Austria: Lisa Huber
  • JADE Belgium: Diana Chumpitaz
  • JADE Italia: Florentina AnghelJADE Poland: Bogna Mikolajewska
  • JADE Portugal: Pedro Lourenço
  • JADE Romania: Laura Bobb
  • JADE Switzerland: Reza Safai
  • UniPartners (Netherlands): Hylke Van Weperen
  • UniGroup Kosovo: Rrona Berisha
  • UNIque Albania: Alba Balla