“My experience with JADE in Brussels”, by Salvatore Scaletta

Unexpected and surprising

When I applied for the position of Business Development Manager in JADE and when later I got the job, I was not aware of what moving to Brussels would have meant. This is due to the fact that for the first six months I worked as a project manager by remote, so I was not always fully aware of what was going on. But then it happened, quite soon I must say. It was not the first international experience for me, but it was the first time going abroad for a work experience.  The city welcomes you with nice and tidy buildings, streets crowded with people coming from all over the world and a huge flood of corporate and public affairs events. Suddenly you realize that it is here that everything is decided, it is here that the big trends of our times are discussed and determined, it is here where the best people join their minds to shape the future of our continent.

Besides this dynamic context, I also found in Brussels the JADE House and the ExBo, a team of extraordinary and talented young people who became a second family and treated me like an old friend, teaching me an incalculable number of things and making me live one of the best experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to work on several aspects of JADE activities, going from the incredible effort related to the organization of the Spring Conference to the opportunity to get in touch with lot of extraordinary companies and learn how to negotiate, how to read and understand the needs of a partner, how to create an offer that fits the requirements and the challenges of a client. Doing all of this with the support and the experience of qualified and passionate people like the members of the ExBo was a great advantage. Living for such a long time side by side with other like-minded people showed me how strong and authentic can a friendship become and how fast this can happen. I could have never imagined all the beautiful and meaningful moments spent with guys I had met a few months prior and the fact of being able in the meantime to work hard and learn so much and be pushed to achieve more, every day. In fact, being a project manager for JADE was much more than a working experience.

It was also an extraordinary opportunity to literally “meet” the network, understand its dynamics, and realize how encompassing it is, and how complex it can be to deal with all the several issues and activities that the Junior Entrepreneurs carry on around Europe. Yes, Europe. Working in JADE, but especially working in Brussels, gives you a unique opportunity to see the JE movement and its challenges from a unique perspective that no other experience in the network can offer. The relations with the European institutions, the challenges of coordinating numerous stakeholders, the connections with extraordinary people that keep helping and supporting the network just because they believe in us, and the complexity of the interests at stake, represent an unmatchable learning opportunity that will provide you with solid and everlasting tools that will enrich your professional career and your personal life.