JET: Junior Enterprises of Tunisia Rises!

In March 2012, a Tunisian Confederation of Junior Enterprises was created. The name, JET (Junior Enterprises of Tunisia), is an amusing metaphor of how fast the movement is growing there: already 17 structures, from which 6 are certified Junior Enterprises.

This impressive growth is mostly due to the bewildering enthusiasm for the JE concept that one can observe there. In JET’s first National Meeting, at a time where the country only counted 6 structures, 300 Junior Entrepreneurs had gathered to think, exchange and collaborate. In their second meeting, although held in exams period (April 27-28), 250 students gladly celebrated the JE movement in the city of Hammamet.

Banderole de l'évènement

JET has received support from the Tunisian government to carry out its activities. In order to audit the Tunisian JEs and ensure high quality standards over there, it has partnered with a Tunisian audit company. It is now looking for new partners.

Making sure that entrepreneurship develops well in Tunisia is one of the priorities of the European Commission (see our article about JADE’s meeting with Mr Canga Fano, Head of Cabinet of the VP Enterprise & Industry of the European Commission). As stated by the European Commission, the fast-paced development of the Junior Enterprise movement in this country is of utmost importance and JADE is therefore investing all necessary resources to contribute to this development.