JEME’s Book “Un’impresa da universitari”

“Un’impresa da universitari – History of the first Italian Junior Enterprise” is the book written by JEME Bocconi, an Italian Junior Enterprise, that narrates the story of 26 years of activities and successes.


1479067_802908259731600_8187462481516728494_nThe book is animated by the words of the previous JEME’s members, talking about their experience in the Junior enterprise and in the national confederation.
The topics that are developed in the book are Association, Training, Professionalism and Network; through this four distinguish features of all the movement  the history of their Junior Enterprise, but also of JADE Italia and JADE, comes out.

The book aims to share a story, a success story, with the rest of the network but it has also the important objective of writing the memory of the first 26 years for all the present and future members. The opportunity of learning how the previous members of the association worked and developed during and after this experience for a new Junior Entrepreneur is instructive and motivating as nothing else.


10623977_805008639521562_255636725718264832_o“On January, 1st, 1993, Europe’s internal boundaries were opened, and the “Common Market” was starting, based on four fundamental principles: circulation of goods, of services, of people and of capital. […] The prospect of open boundaries was seen as an historical opportunity, the beginning of a new era in which it was important to be in place from the start. […] Haste, flexibility and motivation were the key resources of students from Junior Enterprises, nothing else was needed: a huge opportunity, were everybody was a pioneer, an epic change. The same happened for the newborn JEME, and that made the difference.”
Francesco Sacco, Founder and First JEME President, nowadays Member of the Steering Board of the Digital Agenda promoted by Italian Government and Professor at Bocconi University


This book teaches to all the network the importance of managing the history of your JE, especially the personal value of the previous members that with their experience can give a lot to the newgeneration of entrepreneurs. 10830814_805008006188292_429739777424869326_o