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Today active in 9 sectors of engineering, the JE Hepia, based in Geneva, was created in 2015. In 2016 already, they won the Business Game organized by JADE Switzerland – in April 2018; they received the price of the Most Promising Junior Enterprise at the Swiss National Meeting event. Since its creation, the JE Hepia has realized several projects for individuals, professionals, startups or even within the academic environment of Hepia. Within a month, a product that is the pride of JE Hepia will be marketed.

It all began 2 years ago, when a customer approached the JE Hepia with an idea. A groundbreaking and original idea that immediately attracted the interest of the young team of the Junior Enterprise Hepia. Decided to undertake the challenge, the JE Hepia accepted the mandate. From scratch, engineers began to create several prototypes based on customer expectations. This is how the first beard contour razor for private customers was born in Hepia’s workshops.

In order to have a product marketable, a user-centered approach has made it possible to perfect the numerous prototypes by involving all the stakeholders. It took nearly 18 months of development for the product to find its final form, which you will soon find in the trade. The user approach used for the development of this concept pushed the mandated team to engage beyond the technical aspects.

The design and ergonomics of the shaver were born in a close collaboration between the different sectors of the JE Hepia as well as with the final user. To provide a quality product that meets user needs as well as economic constraints, it has not only required multidisciplinary collaboration within the JE, but it has also been necessary to collaborate with companies from the entire world. A patent is being filed to protect the final product from competition.

The Junior Enterprise also accompanied the customer in his strategic choices to define the brand of the razor. After a marketing positioning, a brand and a logo were created from scratch to be applied in a delicate way on a packaging specially developed by the JE Hepia team. The brand image was thus created. “Mon Barbier” will have his website finalized by the JE Hepia to be ready for a secure online sale.

Dozens of prototypes later, not losing sight of their goals, JE Hepia and his client have the joy of holding in their hands the final product. The very first razor for beard contour, intended for individuals that is currently in production up to 1'500 copies. Within a month, the combination of multiple skills coupled with quality work will perfect the beard of the first customers, who knows, maybe you?


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