JADE Annual Report 2017/2018


Dear reader,

If we want to success, we need to fight for the right purpose, as a team, and according to a plan.

If we want to succeed, we need to fight for the right purpose. We found in the Junior Enterprise concept our way to empower thousands of students and to make them the driving force pushing for a better future and better world. More than 28 thousand students in Europe embrace this call to action daily. Their efforts drive JADE’s motivation to fight for a better education.

If we want to succeed, we need to discover and re-discover the power of synergy. We discovered in our Network the strength to dare to challenge our own limits. We are building upon our differences a common strategy that boosts our development in 21 countries by 2021. We are leading the Network towards a brighter future.

If we want to succeed, we need to explore our potential and convert our dreams into our goals; strategies into actions. We have clear JADE’s potential and we defined the roadmap that will lead us to deliver more added-value. We are working with all our stakeholders on offering the Junior Enterprise experience to more students and to generate an impact that matters.

The precious legacy we received from more than 50 years of a success story motivated the new milestones we have achieved. We look at the future with an exciting view, believing that together, we will continue to grow and to achieve new heights.

Thank you for an amazing year.
Diogo Parreira \ JADE President
Head of Strategy, Enlargement, Communication and International Relations

It was an honour to represent and enhance the Impact of Junior Enterprises. Ad Maiora.
Alfonso Catone \ JADE Vice President
Head of Private Cooperation, Events and HQ Management

After one intensive year, I am proud of our legacy and I trust in the future of JADE.
Adrien Lepic \ JADE Secretary General
Head of Network Quality, Human Resources, Internal Communication, Legal and IT

Make sure that the impact you want to have tomorrow, is only a result of the actions you are taking today.
Giorgio Sleiter \ JADE Treasurer
Head of Finance, Public Affairs, Training and Alumni Management