JADE President, Ioana David, kick starts JADE Spring Meeting 2015

DSC_0146Hello and welcome to the JADE Spring Meeting 2015, our first International Congress of the year. I am happy to be part of the team that organizes an event that brings together Junior Entrepreneurs from 17 countries from 3 different continents. That brings together different beliefs but the same culture, the entrepreneurial culture.

Our story started almost 50 years ago in France. It started from a need when students realized that to be better professionals, better entrepreneurs, better people they needed to make a change. Things have not changed much in our mindset since then. Each year together with 20.000 students we realize what we don’t have, what we want and we make sure from a young age that we succeed and become unstoppable.

Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur is not about what school you go to and it has nothing to do with how lucky you are. Reaching that state of greatness is fueled by ambition and work. There is only one way to do it, you must go deep within, you must challenge the status quo.
An internet search on the phrase “challenge the entrepreneurship status quo” gets 900,000 records. Why do you suppose that is? Well, it might be because it is a popular axiom for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Management experts have been telling young, striving entrepreneurs and leaders to challenge the status quo for almost as long as there’s been a status quo. But sometimes we get so used to hearing a phrase that it becomes axiomatic – something we take for granted as true – even when it shouldn’t.

The problem with telling people to challenge the status quo is that, without qualifiers, it can send the wrong message. Without proper context, the message can backfire. There are some general ideas that people pick up when requested to challenge the status quo, like thinking outside the box, be a contrarian, take a stand in front of authority, and do things differently. But all those phrases are two sided coins. Without constantly having in mind your goal, your customer and your organization, those before mentioned phrases are only words.

Today we are here to Challenge together the Entrepreneurship Status Quo. For four days we will combine different learning tools and platforms, we will share with mentors from different fields, different backgrounds and level of experience.

Thus I am honored to kick start the event with such inspiring people like the ones on stage and in the audience.

Ioana David,

President of JADE 2015

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