JADE October Meeting 2015 and Congrès Régional d’Automne Junior-Entreprises Ouest

JOM15From the 2nd till 4th of October, the JADE October Meeting 2015  took together with the Regional Fall Congress of the Junior Enterprises of the west of France in Nantes place.  We asked Nils Cluzel and Laura Lemonnier, 2 participants, to describe these intense days.

Nils with his team colleague in the workshop

Nils with his team colleague in the workshop

“Our Junior Enterprise, Europe Études, was represented by Marine and I. We arrived Friday afternoon in Nantes, which allowed us to get to know a little this beautiful city where the JADE October Meeting was hosted. Before the dinner at the hotel, we met the different JADE Team members and the JEs from Europe, thus we began to talk and exchange about our origins, a conversation we continued until dinner.
At Central Nantes, we shared a lovely dinner with some « crèpes campagnardes ». We had the chance to sit next to the president and the treasurer of JADE who explained to us with details how JADE works. It was helpful because it was our first meeting in years.

The next day began with the workshops. First, Frédéric Hyunh gave us a testimony about his experience as a HR-Director at EY France. The workshop was about creating a strong network as a student in search of an internship or a first job. Thus, Mister Hyunh gave us some tips in order to have an interesting profile, a good résumé etc. It was very interesting because we weren’t that numerous and the ambience was kind of informal and personal.

Later that day, TOTAL presented us the enterprise and their policy about SMEs and how TOTAL uses funds to help them. After that a member of the CCI international of Nantes showed us on how the « Chamber of Commerce and Industry » helps businesses to develop in an international way. These two presentations were really interesting but even more destined to start-ups than JEs.

The third workshop was all about the work in JEs. We formed groups and talked about different problems such as how to work with big groups, SMEs or public institutions. It was interesting to see how similar our problems and interrogations can be. We discussed about strategies and exchanged best practices.

The last workshop was again with Frédéric Hyunh. The topic was about High-performing teams, so throughout the afternoon we did some group exercises to see how essential it is to be a good team member and how you should manage it. I fund it really rewarding and useful for me because I see how I can use it in my own JE.

To sum up, I would say that I really liked the experience. On one hand I exchanged with JADE Team members and on the other hand with other JEs. All togteher, I can truly say I benefited from the workshops, and this in a beautiful place.”

(Nils Cluzel, Europe Études)

Laura in the EY workshop

Laura in the EY workshop

“I have had the opportunity to be part of the Jade October Meeting, taking place in Nantes this year, and it has been a very nice experience.

I have had the chance to meet many different people, from different cities and different Junior-Enterprises. As always, it has been a pleasure for me to discuss with Junior-Entrepreneurs from all over Europe and getting to know them.

We attended many different workshops: conferences, round-table meetings where we could exchange best practices, and also an amazing workshop provided by EY, called “High Performing Teams”. All these workshops were interesting and gave me other points of view, enabling me to re-think some aspects of my Junior-Enterprise.

All in all, this Jade October Meeting was very positive for me and I would definitely like to take part in the next Meeting organized by the European Confederation of Junior-Enterprises! Thank you!”

(Laura Lemonnier, Sales Manager of Junior ISIT)