JADE and Brasil Junior fly to Malaysia!

From 11th to the 15th April 2016, Marion Depouilly, Vice President of JADE – European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, and Ana Carolina Zimmermann, Brazilian Ambassador of Brasil Junior, the Brazilian Confederation of Junior Enterprises, traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in order to enlarge the Junior Enterprise network in the country.


Along with China and India, Malaysia would therefore be the third country in Asia to develop the concept and invest in its youth growth.

JADE and Brasil Junior were invited by the Malaysian marketing group Katchi, whose CEO, Marceline Lemarie, is a former French Junior Entrepreneur and relocated to Kuala Lumpur eight years ago.

Katchi invited JADE and Brasil Junior to be part of the jury of a competition they organized in order to empower the new Malaysian generation. It was also the occasion for us to communicate about the global network of Junior Enterprises, its fast development and the opportunities if offers to students, Universities, companies, public institutions…

The competition, called, Rebuild It Green (RIG) was part of the Arena of Youth project. Four Universities all around Malaysia (KDU University College Penang, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, AsiaPacific University, Universiti Technologi MARA) formed teams of successful students to compete in the Arena of Youth. With the undermining issue of natural disaster, each group of student had the task of developing a sustainable solution to this problem for Malaysia, as well as a business plan in order to implement it on a large scale.

The sponsor of the event, CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia), a statutory body under the Malaysian government established to develop and capacity and capability of the Malaysian Construction Industry’, was a great support in the enlargement of the Junior Enterprise network in Malaysia, as they granted the winning team with 40.000 ringgit (around 10 000€) for them to create the first Junior Enterprise in the country.


Malaysia, as a developing, presents very entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to commit for the future of the country. In particular, the event was supported by leading companies of the countries, as well as some political institutions (embassies of Russia, Indonesia or Taiwan) and covered by numerous media. JADE and Brasil Junior had the opportunity to showcase the Junior Enterprise network to newspapers, radio channels and a national TV channel, Bernama (see the interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-AmMFqRMrs).

JADE and Brasil Junior were impressed by the innovative solutions presented during the finale of the competition, and by the motivation and commitment of the students involved. We would like to congratulate the winning team, UiTM, as well as the other three teams for the efforts and their willingness to contribute to their country and society’s improvement.

We encourage them all to go the extra mile and launch their Junior Enterprise, be part of our global network.