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From JADE Portugal and Lisbon PH


LisbonPH – Junior Enterprise of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon -, is currently composed of 45 students of the Integrated Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Pharmacists have the responsibility to ensure that their patients benefit the most from their treatments with medicine. The excellence of pharmacist’s profession is associated with the permanent development of its practice and knowledge. It is then their duty to revise and cultivate competencies and capabilities throughout their professional life.

According to the Order of Pharmacists statute (EOF) (a public professional association that represents pharmacists in Portugal), Decree-law 288/2001, November 10th, the pharmacist “must keep up to date their technical and scientific capabilities in order to improve constantly its activity and consciously operate towards society” (Art.º 83 of EOF). Concomitantly with Pharmaceutical International Federation (FIP), the Order of Pharmacists require the certification of competencies based on formative paths and professional development in the pharmaceutical field. These activities are credited by the regulatory institution by attributing CDP’s (Professional Development Credit) that are useful for the renewal of the pharmacists’ professional card. The renewal of the professional card is a necessary procedure to exert the profession.


As countless regions from Portugal (like Lisbon and Porto) have access to many formations, LisbonPH found out that remotely regions lacked from those formations. Due to the obligation of the professional card and after a brief analysis by the Junior Enterprise it was verified a gap in the market. To fill in this gap, LisbonPH created a service that allows any pharmacist to benefit from formative activities online and without leaving home: the LisbonPH eLearning.

Through this service, they offer an interactive online training specialized for every Health Professional and accredited by the Portuguese Order of Pharmacists. It establishes itself as an excellent low-cost option, maintaining all the digital quality and the scientific rigour necessary when compared with other similar services in the market. LisbonPH works from the creation to the maintenance of the online platform, the contact with specific KOL’s, the communication and disclosure planning and the registrations management.

After two years of this service, LisbonPH has already organized 6 e-Learning courses approaching several themes such us the Therapeutics of Dyslipidemia,  Nutrition and Dermocosmetics, having had a total of more than 1100 participants.

Overall the participants rate the service with 4,6 in a total of 5, proving to be a service in constantly growth. Thus, with the intention of promoting LisbonPH brand, they are expecting 6 new more courses this year.

When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.” —Josh James, Omniture CEO and co-founder



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