#GetOnStage: ENSI Junior Entreprise 10th birthday!

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ENSI Junior Entreprise will celebrate on Wedesday,February 24th, its 10 years.

Since 2006, we have been working on the national & international level by developing in our members the original concepts of entreprenaurial, associative culture inside ENSI (Tunisian National School of Computer Sciences).We fundamentaly concentrate on developing young entrepreneurs’ potentials by offering soft/hard skills & employability training sessions,organizing forums & conferences. Working on diversified projects, these young entrepreuners are what define our force & our singularity. This force emerges in the quality of service & good resources management which puts then ENSI JE among the most reputed & distinguished ones in Tunisia.


Trying to boost operational synergy & marketing strategies, ENSI Junior Entreprise will be launching during the birthday ceremony its project of year 2016 “PEER”: incorporating the latest technologies including Big Data & Business Intelligence,the project will improve all aspects of daily activities such as communication management, helping members prototype/build projects & actions in a smart & professional way.

Finally, ENSI Junior Entreprise will keep working on encouraging creative thinking & boosting professional lifestyle inside our educational environment.