Get to know Isabella, JADE Vice President

Hello Everyone!

With this article, I want to give you a little sneak a peek into who I am, both as “just me” but also about my role in this Network. This adventure, that I have embarked on for this one year, is among the most amazing ones of my life. It is not just a job, it is a journey of discovery, and while it has not come to an end yet, let me tell you about how it has been so far.

I am Isabella Florio, 21 years old, from Cigoli, an incredibly small city on a hill, in the heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence.

I am currently in the third year of my bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, where, in 2017, I joined my JE, JEToP, as a Network Consultant.

That summer I left for my Erasmus in Ireland, where I decided to become a Promoter for JADE, and in March I worked as part of the staff for JSC18. And well, I fell in love with this Network and decided to apply for the ExBo, overnight!




Name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader. Why and how did this person impact your life?

Honestly, I have no such person in my life. Since I come from a really small city, people around me have always been quite boring and with no real personal goal or dream. It always felt as if they were not actually living their own lives, but were just following what others told them to do or to be.

I left to study in Turin to avoid turning in a zombie, to avoid becoming an empty person, and really take the lead on my life.

If I really had to name someone though, it would be my cousins. I have three amazing cousins, and even though life has thrown a lot at them, they have always tried to get the positive side out of it, taking life into their hands and working hard for it. They would not fit the most common definition of “leader”, but they are the leaders of their lives and that is what I aspire to be too.




What is one characteristic that you believe every JEur should possess?

Resilience. Because most things we do and face every day are not easy. The projects we do, the clients we talk to, the teams we manage, they are not always just happiness and successes. Many times, they are disappointment and failures. But I think that is the best part of it. Junior Enterprises are the place for us to learn from our mistakes, where we are free to make mistakes. We make them and learn from them. We can still be very disappointed after having learned the lesson, that is just natural, but your will to go on is what counts, and what I think we, as JEurs really have. We always rise back up after a failure, ready to take on the next challenge.


What makes you excited about Mondays?

Mh, I do not really care about Mondays. They just happen to be the first day of the week.

I do have a motto about Mondays though: “if you want to start something new do not start it on Monday”. You may ask why, it is because on Monday you are already starting the week, so you should concentrate on that, and not too many other things. So, for every new hobby, diet, sport, or whatever, choose any day but Monday.


What’s your spirit animal?

Praying mantis. They silently analyse the situation before their next move, waiting for the best opportunity to pass by, to take it and make the most out of it. I like their calmness and how they always supervise every situation.

They are also very deadly for being so small 🙂




If you were a movie character, who would you be and why?

Mycroft Holmes. He does not appear much, he is not talked about much. But without him, the whole system would fail. And yes, he is more intelligent than Sherlock (Sherlock’s words, fight me).


If You Could Time Travel, Where and When Would You Go?

Florence, Renaissance. I would love to be in contact with some of the best artists that have ever existed on earth. I would just be around them fangirling the whole time.


If You Had To Pick A New Name For Yourself, What Name Would You Pick?

I honestly would not change my name. I really like Isabella. But if I had to, I would change it to my Chinese name. I lived in China for one year, and the name that was given to me became a very significant part of the experience, and of who I am now. So yeah, it would be 冯婉馨 (Feng WanXin).


Who Would Play You In A Movie Of Your Life?

Jamie Clayton. I loved her acting in Sense 8 and I think her uniqueness would really represent me.


What are you known for?




If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would the slogan be?

” Say less, do more. Let your actions speak for you.”


Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?

Under. And apparently, everyone in JADE house hates that (I am coming for you, Alex).


If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Immortality. I have too many things I want to do, I feel like one life would not be enough.



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