Generations Club 2014: a closer look to a great event


We all use the term of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial attitude to describe the way we work in a Junior Enterprise. We take a lot of pride in the skills that we develop and of course in the growth that we experience through our concept. But what are those skills we say we develop? JADE had a pretty good idea about it but we wanted to see if we are aligned with what the world thinks about it.

On the 4th of November JADE hosted an event in collaboration with Microsoft to understand better this situation and to answer 3 basic questions: What are entrepreneurial skills? When are entrepreneurial skills supposed to be fostered? How do we develop entrepreneurial skills? The answer to this will be gathered in a report that will make a statement about what entrepreneurship represents and what we represent as Junior Entrepreneurs.

IMAG1089We had 13 organisations present representing 37 million students and entrepreneurs in Europe: EIYFOCEANS NetworkAEGEE, EMSA, YES, ESU, EPSAEO, CYFI, UNA-NY, ESN, JA-YE and JADE

We also had insightful representatives from the European Commission, such as Simone Baldassarri and from the private sector, represented by Microsoft – Steven Duggan, Head of Worldwide Education Strategy who joined us from Seattle.


It was a great day for us  a day when we contoured entrepreneurship but also a day of huge realizations for JADE. We celebrated the values of friendship, hard work and pursuit of excellence; a day we must confess was proof of our operational philosophy that lays emphasis on partnerships. We were highly thrilled by the opportunity to celebrate the fruits of our collective hard work that has culminated in the Education Transformation Agreement we signed with Microsoft Europe. Ioana David, JADE President had the privilege to shake hands with Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman for Microsoft Europe and make official the work of so many teams before ours.


Speaking of which, it was our greatest honour to have such a high profile Panel Discussion and well informed and passionate guests who contributed to our learning during the event. The Panel Discussion was moderated by Ketan Makwana, CEO of Enterprise Lab, who knew how to bring the spark in the debate in order to reveal the ideas and opinions of the panellists.
He created a very comfortable environment in which Alessandro Cenderello Managing Partner for EU Institutions from EY, Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe, Joanna Drake Director of Small & Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurship for the European Commission, Olivier Witmeur, professor of Entrepreneurship for Solvay Brussels School and our colleague Mario Tarouca, Director of Public Affairs for JADE felt free to share their beliefs in regards to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.g

It was an event of great success and with great input for the report we want to create and for more details either check out the #gsclub hashtag or stay tuned and follow the development of our report.

Together we grow.

JADE is an umbrella organisation of more than 280 student-run businesses across 200 universities in 12 European countries. Following the motto “learning-by-doing”, our students bridge the gap between academia and real business world. By running non-profit SMEs and being social entrepreneurs, the students turn over 16 million euro per year and involve more than 20,000 peers, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and national business world. The concept is present on various continents, such as Europe, South America, North America and Africa.