ExBo 2018: a new chapter begins

Today is the day the new Executive Board takes over the JADE office and the least we can say is, we are very excited to start off our European journey.


Diogo Parreira – President

Look around, think, plan and act. The time has arrived and we are just starting a new chapter in JADE’s book. Clear convictions are aligned; clear goals are being defined – we are totally committed to taking one step forward in our movement development. I start my year with 4 major goals in mind: defining the new 3-years strategy for JADE; enlarge the concept of Junior Enterprise to more countries, giving the opportunity of embracing the Junior Entrepreneur experience to more students; creating the environment for a global strategy and international cooperation and increase the communication of JADE to promote a higher integration of our movement. Big challenges, bigger responsibilities, but a very motivated team and the Junior Entrepreneur attitude to make it happen.


Alfonso Catone – Vice President

The D-day has come. We have been waiting for this moment and now it is getting real. I could not be more proud to represent JADE as its Vice President. As Head of Events, it will be my priority to open the JADE Spring Conference 2018 to as many Junior Entrepreneurs as possible, even more than in the last edition. I will work to create the best environment to inter-cultural and best practices exchange. Moreover, ensuring high-quality standards for all of our international events is one of our main priorities. As Head of Private Cooperation instead, I will focus on acquiring new partners. Our goal will be to strengthen the collaboration with our current partners and look for other high-level companies which can help us to spread the Junior Enterprise concept.


Adrien Lepic – Secretary General

Today it’s our first day in office. It’s time to begin to work and also to define our priories. First of all, my main priority will be ensuring the highest quality standards in the network through JADE quality programmes – especially this year because of the implementation of an updated audit system in each country. People are JADE’s oil, hence I will be focused on improving the JADE experience, as Head of Human Resources. It is very important that every single person working for JADE has a good time while improving both hard and soft skills. Being responsible for the internal communication, within the network, I will work to increase JADE’s transparency. Therefore you will always know what we are doing here in Brussels.


Giorgio Sleiter – Treasurer

In a nutshell, as Treasurer I will have three main personal focuses: The first one is, of course, related to Finance; managing the budget and creating a diversified income portfolio to increase JADE’s sustainability over time. The second one, as Head of Public Affairs, is pushing for participation in expert groups. Our presence is already strong, but I will make sure that more and more public and private entities are aware that the Junior Enterprise Concept is the solution to the students’ skill deficit issue. Thirdly, promote the JADE Academy concept and other training programmes in Europe. With that I mean, promoting the elements that every Junior Enterprise in our network can ask for training. We are here to help you, you just have to ask.


Our journey just began, but we are not going alone. We count on you to help us shaping and co-creating the future.