European Junior Entrepreneurs taking part in the World Conference in Brazil

Members of the organizational team of JADE as well as numerous European Junior Entrepreneurs had the great chance to visit JEWC – the Junior Enterprise World Conference in Florianopolis, Brazil. The event hosted more than 3000 attendees from 17 countries with the purpose to change the world. High level speakers like Michelle Hunt, Nicola Calicchio, Mary Shuttleworth, Ketan Makwana and Thiago Leifert (The Voice Brazil), accompanied the Junior Entrepreneurs on their travel through the space of the CO-era. The event had a unique emotional atmosphere of highly motivated and excited participants.

Alongside the highly inspiring workshops and talks, Junior Entrepreneurs could get into contact with other Junior Entrepreneurs from all over the world and with representatives of international corporations and institutions.

At the same time, the Global Forum, a reunion of representatives of all global confederations of Junior Enterprises, took place. A big step towards the future has been done by forming the Global Council, which will represent and foster the Junior Enterprise movement on a global level. The global vision “To be a truly global and connected movement, by improving our results via increased cooperation” and goals in order to make the vision come true, have been defined and agreed on in the Memorandum of Understanding. Those will be assessed and evaluated during the next Global Forum, 2018.