#ExcellenceAwards Junior Entreprise EPFL the “Junior Enterprise of the Year”


Already elected best Swiss Junior Enterprise in 2017 in recognition of its excellence in all its aspects, the Junior Entreprise EPFL embodies the link between the EPFL’s students and the professional world, allowing them to get prepared for what they will be coming across in the future. Out of many excellence aspects, its candidature for the award of Best Junior Entreprise 2018 stands out thanks to three main striking points which are its sustained growth supported by highly innovative projects, its training excellence and its impressive digitalization.

Since its creation in 1983 the Junior Entreprise EPFL has experienced a wide expansion of its field of activities and a continuous annual turnover increase reaching +35% in 2017. To support its sustained growth, the Junior Entreprise EPFL relies on the added value to their projects by offering professional, innovative and multidisciplinary services. Benefiting from a broad range of skills in a polytechnic environment, their project managers combine these knowledges to provide packages covering each customer’s needs. With more than half of their 177 annual projects being in the digital domain, they realize highly innovative deliverables relying on state-of-the-art techniques such as Virtual Reality and BlockChain, meeting the increasing demand of many enterprises. Their previsional turnover for 2018 is 450 kCHF. In their application, they presented a challenging virtual reality project relying on a helmet that transfers every facial emotion in real team.

Very aware of the fact that progress comes to those who always challenge themselves and learn from others, the Junior Entreprise EPFL makes training excellence a priority. With a dedicated Skills Development department which focuses on both the Juniors and the Committee trainings, the Junior Entreprise EPFL constantly improves the implementation of both its recruitment and training processes. They developed a semester-long training program of nearly 60 hours with appropriate learning goals by which each junior benefits from a complete mentoring on co-management of project and a weekly personalized follow-up. In parallel, the top management carefully ensures the engagement of every member through individual evaluation and a positive reinforcement system for contract signing generating collective incentives. They make a point on getting as many best practices, workshops and advice from various stakeholders. Furthermore, on the student consultant side, their committee focuses on teaching the right skills for their future through free high- quality training classes and promising projects.

Finally, digitalization is at the core of the Junior Entreprise EPFL business process and one of the main aspect of their application. Indeed, the Junior Entreprise EPFL internally developed a project management software in order to support their business process. This tool has spread in the JADE Network and is currently used by more than ten Junior Enterprises in Switzerland, Belgium and Poland. Further, it is now Jade official plateform. It eases, among other, projects monitoring, database management and data visualization. Indeed, they digitalized both their internal and external communication, using this project management software for their internal management along with an iOS module integrated to the of cial university campus application, a blog, a website and several social media to drive external relations. Putting digitalization at the heart of their strategy resulted in a significant improvement in productivity and quality, data tracking and interactions between community members.


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