EIIL Workshop Testimonial

On the 20th and 21st of November two members of the JADE Team 2015, Sofia Fernandes and David Godoy, participated at the EIIL workshop Partnering for Growth.
Here you can find a testimonial of this great experience!

10818816_745184098890165_837595137_n“I am 22 years old and the past couple of days I attended one of the most complete learning experiences in workshops of my life.
I went to the EIIL Workshop to learn more about Partnerships, how to develop and manage them wisely and many other subjects related. However, after two days, I think learning about how to establish and maintain a partnership was the easier and obvious thing that I learned there.
Besides of getting to know more about this subject, I had the opportunity to work with people with more years of experience in their own business than my age, and be challenged to make them listen and respect my ideas. The opportunity to be into technical discussions that I’ve never thought I could be able to be part and learn by others experiences how the things work in the real world. I lived what we called “learning by doing” – as we do in the Junior Enterprise Movement – and I had to manage how to hear, give and apply the feedbacks I’ve received just one day or hours earlier.
Most important, there I was responsible for my own experience and learning. It was clear, since the beginning, that by the end of the workshop I was able to work as a team with the others participants, listen and contribute to the discussions and I was encouraged to organize all the information that we were given to make the experience worth it!
So, summarizing it: I was challenged by an innovative and wise learning experience,  going out of my comfort zone. And this kind of knowledge is something you can bring with you for your whole life”.
Sofia Fernandes
Brazilian Ambassador

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