#ExcellenceAwards \ LLN Juris Club the “Most Promising Junior Enterprise”

The title of Most Promising Junior Enterprise comes as an extremely attractive award for all expanding projects. Not only does it embody the recognition, sponsorship and support of external entities on a European scale but it also represents the development of a new project striving for excellence.

Founded in February 2016 by a dozen of law students from the Catholic University of Louvain, the LLN Juris Club is the first Belgian Junior Enterprise fully active in the legal field. We distinguished ourselves from the traditional Junior Enterprises by pursuing a social goal rather than a profit one: making justice more accessible to people.
Supported by the JADE network and encouraged by the enthusiasm of the students wishing to join the association and the willingness of our partners to collaborate with us, the Juris Club has experienced an impressive growth. Using this welcome as a springboard, an expansion strategy has been put in place.

Within two years, the Juris Club has doubled in terms of members, customers and profit. With such promising figures, the LLN Juris Club could not miss out on the challenge offered by JADE: win the 2018 Most Promising European Junior Enterprise Award. Each member of the association has been solicited to reach this goal and the Juris Club has identified three transversal lines of strength in its application to the aforementioned award: growth, quality and social dimension. A surprising growth: When one says “Most Promising”, the words “Junior Enterprise in growth” immediately comes into mind. By collaborating with most of the national junior enterprises, the LLN Juris Club has become, in two years time, a staple in the Belgian junior- entrepreneurial landscape. Inspired by the latter, our organization has developed in record time internal management processes, ensuring us a stable and efficient growth.

Quality legal aid: Through a system of reviewing each of our files and by contacting our customers ex post, we make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of the latter as well as the quality of our work. The Juris Club revolves around the motto “give sense to your studies”. One of our ambitions is to prepare the members for the professional world, a goal that we try to achieve by organizing trainings and conferences on the most current legal topics with the support of our internationally recognized legal partners.

A structural social dimension: Ubiquitous in our structure, the social dimension of our project makes our singularity within the Jade network.  Indeed, the Juris Club proposes a new way of designing the “learning by experience” adage, through a more social-oriented vision of its activities. Thanks to a large amount of pro bono files, reduced rates to a symbolic price as well as members being only remunerated by the experience gained and the satisfaction of making an impact, the Juris Club constantly puts forward its line of conduct: making justice more accessible.

Due to the horizontal structure of the association, each member embodies those values. We believe that by multiplying our actions, we will make these values stand out and make a difference, not only in the JADE network, but also in our society as a whole. By awarding the LLN Juris Club with the title of most promising European JE, Jade convinced us that we were on the right track.


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