Become part of JADE’s Pool of Designers!

What if you could change the future of our Network?
What if you could have a concrete impact? …a word to say?
What about a new opportunity to challenge yourself?

Are you already a Junior Entrepreneur? Have you been thinking about your next steps but do not know how to achieve them? Well, you have just made your first step into the future.

JADE is looking for driven, ambitious and capable Designers to contribute to the rebranding of the whole network! We need a team to create the new branding that will be applied by JADE and every confederation of our network!

There are many reasons why you should apply, but we are sure that you have already found your own.

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In the case you didn’t, here are 5 reasons why this experience is worth your time!

1. Never settle down

Now you are a Junior Entrepreneur and you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, but at the same time, you have just realised that you can take your skills at a European level. Why not push yourself even further?

2. Live a unique experience for a designer

You will have to the opportunity to put into practices what you learned during your studies but with an incredible magnitude, impacting not every Junior Entrepreneur in Europe and living an experience that will help your future as a successful designer.

3. Big Project mean Big Responsibilities

With a big project come big responsibilities. The project we will work on have of course big obstacles, but trust us, the recognition and personal satisfaction you get when they are done are indescribable.

4. Visibility

Obtaining visibility is key to build the right connections for a brighter future. Being a Designer will allow you to have the means to acquire visibility within our network, visibility with C-level executives as well as high-profile people in the public sector. You never know who would be interested in crafting your talent!

5. International Experience

Last but not least, you will have the chance to work with an international pool of designer, discovering different cultures, working methods, and behaviors, creating together a new brand to showcase that every Junior Enterprise is connected beyond our cultural barriers.

You can find details on the position and on the selection process in the brochure below.

The applications period will close on the 16th of October, don’t lose the opportunity to leave your mark on the network.

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We are looking forward to working with you!