Foreword by Yann Camus, President of JADE

The world of consulting is changing.

Indeed, there is an increasing demand for support in implementation or at least for easy to implement solutions. As the competition moves increasingly faster in our new era of technologies and short product cycles, faster implementation is indeed a competitive advantage. That’s is exactly what clients will increasingly expect from strategy consultants.

In addition, a complete knowledge of best practices for implementation will likely become a new requirement for a consultant, when helping companies define new strategies. In order to achieve an effective transformation, you will also need skills in change management and to train the executive and managers who will implement the changes recommended. Providing expertise on how to make sure that the new structure prevents previous flaws from creeping back into the organization will become key if you want to ensure sustainable growth and performance for your clients.

Adding to this, an understanding of current disrupting elements as Industry 4.0 and new digital technologies will enable consultants to provide an external view of the current revenue model and to bring new ideas, in order to transform the company and possibly the industry. At last, the consultant will need to approach the company with different perspectives, in order to combine changes and create new synergies, rather than fixing problems in one department only.


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About the authors:

Dr. Georg Tacke is the CEO of Simon-Kucher. He has been leading the firm since May 2009. He delivered a keynote speech on monetizing innovation during the JADE Spring Conference 2017.

Annette Ehrhardt is a Senior Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners in Zurich and an expert in the media and telecommunications/internet sectors.