Citius JE

178193_8861c895e29245aab042fdb8046c17ef.jpg_srz_p_272_94_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Citius JE, is a Junior Enterprise from Murcia in the South of Spain and it was founded in 1998, counting already with 18 years of experience. Curiously, Citius is the only Junior Enterprise in Spain that focused its activity on Education, being managed by students of the Education Faculty.


Picture 2Once we had the chance to be part of Citius, and when we knew about other projects being developed at national level in different JE of Spain, we began to wonder the reason why we were the only ones who were focusing our work in this area: the Education.

Probably, in relation with entrepreneurship, the current view that prevails in society focuses on an economic sphere, forgetting the importance of other perspectives that contribute to the achievement of a change of thinking.

Education assumed in our lives more than we can ever imagine, being this the reason why professionals in this field should consider the many alternatives that this discipline houses.


Picture 4Innovating in Education without the needing of just related that term only with the creation of enterprises, otherwise with the needing of find new possibilities of action, finding alternatives that may become promising in the context in which we find ourselves.

In this way, appears the need of contemplating in our goals the fact of improving the quality of the Education starting from the innovation and the undertaking. For that, we are working on plans that allow us to make that possible, through the organization of workshops focuses on Educational Coaching, where the students of Education have to consider the possibility of that change; and, bringing up currently Educational theme/subject to informal places, like bars or coffee shops, where people can discuss about this subjects to get to a final statement.

Picture 3Through these initiatives we try to educate professionals in the educational realm of possibility and necessity, innovating in Education.

In addition of these promotional and training activities, we are involved with the most needed little ones, showing them that a better education is possible. So, we also make social awareness, with the purpose of improve educational quality. Some examples of these activities are visits to Hospital Classroom, where we have the chance to spend some time with the young patients or promoting campaigns for raising school supplies (books, pencils, notebooks…) for those students that can’t afford buying new stuff because of their economic situation.

Last but not least, understanding everything around us is education, it’s important to remark the diversity in the fields of action. In this way, we recognize not only the possibility of developing projects within an Education Junior Enterprise, but the need to carry  out, because as our motto says:
La educación llena de posibilidades el futuro”.Picture 1