Are you a natural born leader? This is your last chance to show it to the world!

Young talents of the world, freshers and career starters, this is the last call for you to change your professional future in the labour market. The ‘CEO for One Month’ program is back and the application process will close very soon. Apply now here!

As always, since the Adecco Group started this initiative a few years ago, the application process has been a great success and many young talents from all around the world have already applied for this unique experience. Participating in ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 means having the opportunity to be selected to run a multinational company with 34,000 employees in 60 different countries. All of this, alongside Alain Dehaze, the CEO of the Adecco Group. But ‘CEO for One Month’ is not only an experience with enormous meaning to your professional background. If you are selected as the Global ‘CEO for One Month’ this year, you will earn 15,000 euros to invest in your further education. Moreover, during the different stages of this experience, you will meet incredible people, make great peers, increase your network and travel around the world! Do you really want to see what’s in store for you? Meet Lisa Frommhold, the 2018 Global ‘CEO for One Month’:



So, if you’re selected as one of the 47 country ‘CEOs for One Month’, you need to know that the application process will close on the 19th of March or 16th of April, depending on the country. Click here for more information related to closing dates. As with any other recruitment process, you will have to prepare a CV and recommendation letter, and be able to face different interviews and stages of recruitment. That’s why we have created the Career Centre, where you can learn everything about the labour market and become very well prepared for this moment.

The world really needs people like you: motivated, hard-working, with a constant will to learn and inspirational. In other words: the world really needs young talent ready to shape the future of work! If you think you have the #CEOattitude, don’t hesitate and apply now. Wishing you the best!