#MeetThePartners \ Meet the new CEOs – and win 2.000€

The 47 Country CEOs of the ‘CEO for One Month’ program have already been chosen. Once again, It has been an amazing experience for all the talented candidates and, for sure, for all the Adecco team. According to Alain Dehaze, the global Adecco CEO:

I can’t express how proud I am today to welcome the 47 Country #CEO1Month chosen amongst 200000 candidates who will work alongside our CEOs from all around the world. I wish all of you all the best in this amazing adventure! Congratulations! http://adec.co/47CEO1Month


Do you want to know what’s next?

> June & July – Let’s get it started: During these months, each Country CEO will be working alongside the leaders of the Adecco Group or other subsidiaries companies within the country where they applied. Only 10 of them will move to the next stage.

> September – Final sprint: The 10 final candidates to be the ‘CEO for One Month’ will participate in a Bootcamp in a major city. This is the biggest opportunity for them to show that they have what it takes to run a worldwide company!

> 20th September: We will announce the global ‘CEO for One Month’. The candidate will work together during one month with Alain Dehaze, the Adecco Global CEO in order to get all the skills necessary to become (an even more) successful leader. Meeting people and travelling around the world is just a small part of this incredible work experience.


The opportunities are not finished for you!

Did you miss the opportunity to be the ‘CEO for One Month’ this year? We have prepared a contest for you so you can still be part of the program and win 2000 € to enrich your academic education! Just follow these steps:

>> 1\ Think about which candidate will be selected as a Bootcamp finalist (maximum 10 candidates to be chosen).

>> 2\ Go to this website and select the candidate card of the candidate who you want to vote for, and complete the correct section of the form.

>> 3\ Write a question for the candidate.

>> 4\ Adecco will select the winner of the contest, based on the most interesting question asked to the 10 Bootcamp finalist.


Easy, right? Stay tuned to the Adecco website and their social media for further information to come.