5 reasons why you should become our next Project Manager (but only if you are an amazing person)

You have probably already heard the legends about the awesomeness that working for JADE represents. I have to tell you: they are all true.

But for you lovely people, who like lists with as much of a burning passion as I do, here are 5 reasons why you should stop whatever you do and fill out your PM application form immediately here:


1., You become part of our family, which is something for life. Happy, sad, confused, feeling on the top of the world, you going to have someone to share with, who knows exactly how you feel.

2., You gain invaluable experience which helps you stand out from the crowd. You thought being a Junior Entrepreneur is intense and make you grow as a person in the most unexpected way, but I have to tell you: you just about to experience a whole new level.

3., The network of people you can meet with is unheard of. 20.000 Junior Entrepreneurs in Europe, another 20.000 in Brazil and all around the world, our Alumni, our partners and all of our friends… Should I continue?

4., Our projects are big and I mean BIG. Managing an international event, help to influence policy making in the European Commission, get involved in the creation of a national confederation in Cameroon, sitting at the same table with the former president of the European Council or the CEO of Microsoft… And we are only scratching the surface here…

5., Obviously to get into an elite club like this, you have to be one in the cream of the crop. Ready to show us how awesome you are and prove that you have a place in our team?

Find all the information you might need in the following Brochure and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions!

Fill out your application form today! http://bit.ly/PMforJADE