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We empower, through the Junior Enterprise
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A Junior Enterprise is the way to empower university students

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization, formed and managed exclusively by university students, which provides services for companies, institutions, and individuals.
Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, with the main goal of enhancing the learning of their members through practical experiences.

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We generate impact in 3 levels

We are complementing education with an entrepreneurial approach.

The JE concept is a skills and knowledge lab within the faculty that allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a business context.

We are delivering high-quality talent and projects to the market.

JEs deliver high-quality projects to the market; they are a unique platform for university students’ development, enhancing their employability.

We are enhancing the next generation of leaders.

Developing people, the JE concept challenge young students to go further and to think in them as future shapers and active citizens.

“Junior entrepreneurs Are leading the way.”

–  Jean Claude Juncker.

Junior Entrepreneurs manage projects, people and a business like structure as well as making long-term friendships. Thanks to this experience Junior Entrepreneurs are business acumen hence increasing their employability up to 20% compare to classics students. Junior Entrepreneurs are derived by 4 values:

> Together we grow: We believe in the power of the network.
> Entrepreneurial mindset: We identify new opportunities and seek for new challenges.
> Driven attitude: We prefer actions to words and goals to dreams.
> Meaningful results: We have clear goals for purposes we identify ourselves with.

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