Become a JADE Executive board member

The Executive Board is the highest management body of the Junior Enterprise network. It works in Brussels in the JADE Headquarters for a timeframe of one year (August 1st to July 31st).

The recruitment usually happens around March. If you are a Junior Entrepreneur who wants to gain top management experience at European level, improve soft and technical skills, get better in resource, strategic and project management, team work and presentations, work and live in a multicultural environment JADE is the place for you!

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Become a JADE Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you will work on a project aiming to develop and improve the European Confederation. Your Project will be defined by the ExBo’s strategy – but please do not hesitate to share your ideas, they are precious to us! You will work with the ExBo member responsible for your department. You will be a part of JADE team: as such, you are expected to be a positive team player, show commitment and to be reliable. If you want to be part of the adventure and start an unforgettable experience, apply and join us!

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Living in Brussels

Brussels is an old European city with lovely parks and secret little streets. You can find a wide variety of cultural activities and many international people. The HQ in Brussels, the capital of Europe, helps JADE to be closer to the European Institutions and some other international Headquarters of companies, which support our Network. The geographic location makes traveling around Europe really easy. The JADE Executive Board and some Project Managers live in Brussels in the JADE HQ. During the stay in JADE HQ, the Team members have to share the space with other people, who also work and live there (ExBo, Assistants or other Project  Managers), as well as with guests from the Network.

Working remotely 

If you are not able to come and live in Brussels, for certain positions, staying with us in JADE HQ is not mandatory and you can work from your home country while keeping studying or working. Obviously, you are more than welcome to join JADE’s Events and JADE House whenever you wish! Although, you will be part of the Team just as any other PM, and by such we expect from you the same level of reactivity and commitment. Project Managers working remotely are allowed to be committed in their JE’s Board, but not in their National Confederation Board. Follow the calls, we recruit Project Manages around September and January, but we are also looking forward to any spontaneous application!