We enjoyed JADE Poland National Meeting

Last weekend we went to JADE Poland National meeting in Kracow, a city that proved to be the perfect place for the Junior Entrepreneurs to gather together, exchange and network. The meeting was organised by YPI Consulting, currently the only Junior Enterprise in the city.

The Junior Entrepreneurs start already to arrive on Friday, many of them wanting to take advantage of the great opportunity to enjoy the city of Kracow, city of legends and international tourism.

The Meeting started early in the morning on Saturday, the 29th . After a welcoming speech from the organisers, the Vice President of JADE, Alexandru Ene held a short presentation about the JADE network. We pin pointed the importance of the JEs in Poland to start working together more in order to get the most of the international network as well. After that, the 3 Junior Enterprises currently in the 3 main cities of Poland (YPI – Kracow, PBDA – Poznan and Conquest Consulting – Warsaw), presented their annual reports.

We were impressed by the quality of the presentations and the results of the Junior Enterprises. It was really good to see that all of them take good care of their Alumni, which in the case of a small confederation really does help in keeping good relationships with the private sector. We also counted more than 80 projects done by the 3 JEs in the network for the past year, which is an impressive result. We also salute PBDA’s initiative to help start-ups in Poland, with their

The value of the network

We came prepared with a pilot workshop format on the topic ’’How to use the Network to bring value to your Junior Enterprise’’ based on knowledge of best practices from other JEs. The purpose of the workshop, moderated by JADE Vice President, Alexandru Ene was to make the Polish JEs allign their needs and correlate their strengths with the opportunities from the national and international network in order to grow their business. The core idea is the entrepreneurial mindset, which if cultivated right among individuals creates immersive synergies and and potential for collaborative development.

The workshop was received with good feedback by the participants. The end result was a 3 point recommendation from YPI Consulting and PBDA Consulting on how to make Polish JEs collaborate more. The points were:
1. Knowledge, experience and best practice exchange should be common and part of the Junior Entrepreneur daily life.
2. The Junior Enterprises should take the next step in working together: subcontracting and having regular meetings.
3. Attending JADE Meetings at international level should also happen more often, to allow network broadening and expanign business opportunities.

YPI also emphasised their strong relations with other student organisations in their city. They believe that such exchanges could happen more openly, as some processes are not only specific to Junior Enterprises.
On Saturday night we enjoyed the wonderful experience of the Kracow festival, with fireworks and dragon figures parade over the Vistula river, crossing the city.

The next Executive Board of JADE Poland was also elected during the meeting.

1. Paweł Zagraba (ConQuest) President& Finance Manager,
2. Anna Domagała (YPI) Vice President& Parntership&Enlargement Manager,
3. Grzegorz Szczechowski (PBDA) Vice President& Communication Manager and
4. Inga Sobiechowska (PBDA) Vice President& International Manager.

As a closing remark, we want to congratulate again YPI Consulting for making this great experience possible. We highly encourage the Polish network to welcome more international Junior Entrepreneurs to their cities. After Kracow, we can guarantee that it’s totally worth it.
See you next time!

See more photos of the event HERE